Date: 26th September 2011 at 12:02am
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Hard earned point

United’s draw with Stoke sent many Reds into an angry frenzy as they failed to belief how we didn’t beat a side with arguably no players good enough for our team.

When the red mist settles, it’s not a terrible result, but during the game and afterwards the social networks were awash with angry reds.

Here’s 50 things we learned from the game according to blog posts, forum posts, tweets and facebook updates- if you see something you posted, then you’re mistaken. Honest.

1. Let’s not forget who our two top scorers were last season. Big chance for Berbatov this now.

2. Hargreaves was right.

3. Am I the only Red who’s glad Evans isn’t playing?

4. Keegan displaying the breadth of his knowledge of the game. F*cking knob hasn’t even seen Valencia playing at RB before, ffs.

5. That is the worst decision since the last league game United played. What has Chicharito done to upset referees so much?

6. Great another injury, this is a joke, you could make an entire team out of the players United are now missing.

7. Welbeck should have been brought on, Stoke are far better than Leeds.

8. Although he got down to it well and saved it, De Gea’s hand was a bit weak there.

9. Owen needs to stop dropping into midfield. It’s already too congested in there. Stay on Woodgate’s shoulder, ffs.

10. Nani is absolute class.

11. I’m beginning to think we may have the best Portuguese player on the planet right now.

12. I might be wrong, but Anderson and Fletcher do not really play well together…

13. I fooking hate Stoke fans, booing random United players and acting like there’s a real rivalry- go back to your cobbled motorways and coal powered ovens you backward gimps.

14. Terrible marking- you’ve got to be tighter to that lanky streak of p*ss.

15. I still don’t know how Walters is at a Premier League team, let alone starting for one. He’s sh*t.

16. Ando’s been quiet, ditto Ashley Young.

17. Jermaine Pennant- another ex-bin dipper barely good enough for the Premiership who I’d happily take a bat to.

18. DDG IS an outstanding keeper and it amazes me that some so-called ‘pundits’ seem oblivious to the fact. Would you criticize Rooney if he missed a chance but scored a hat-trick?

19. Phil Jones is the greatest footballer in the history of the modern game and should be awarded a knighthood at the first possible juncture.

20. Cab’t believe this is the same Anderson we saw against Arsenal, Spurs and Bolton. In fact looking closely I don’t think it is.

21. Darron Gibson – anonymous as usual.

22. Is Phil Jones our best attacking defender since Denis Irwin?

23. Would someone like to tell me what planet Kevin Keegan and Robbie Savage are on. Peter Crouch MOTM- the mind boggles.

24. Michael Owen may need to get another brochure out in the Summer if his Premier League performances are as bad as this.

25. Tony V does a job at right back but Smalling or Jones is better there.

26. Stoke must be the ugliest team in the league, mind you City do have Tevez.

27 – Manchester United have opened the scoring in the 27th minute in each of their last three Premier League games versus Stoke. Quirk.

28. That was a handball and he gives offside?!! This linesman is almost as poor as the referee. Almost.

29. Danny Welbeck should have been brought on for Chicharito -when is Sir Alex Ferguson going to realise that Owen isn’t the man for 90 mins against a Premier League side away from home?

30. The gap between Rooney/Hernandez and Berba/Owen is just huge right now.

31. Gigggggss!!!!! Oh no!!!! That was THE Chance.

32. Fergie’s right the ref’s are sh*te.

33. Peter Walton now joins that elite group along with Mike Dean Martin Atkinson and Phil Dowd of referees I’d like to keep in my garage until the season ends.

34. Stoke are a physical side, there’s no denying that or even acting surprised, the problem was we didn’t play OUR game, Nani and Young faded badly while Ando and Fletch offered very little going forward, as for our strikers. Where were they?

35. United missed their swashbuckling fullback approach today (until last 15) and it showed. Evans injury big blow, Rio/Jones too similar.

36. At the end of the day, the sun goes down and it gets dark.

37. A draw with Stoke isn’t the end of the world, its simply the nature of the dropped points that stings.

38 Thank fook the “100% record” is over anyway, it was already becoming another media monkey on our back. Let’s just get on with the business of retaining our title and forget all the hyperbole.

39. We need Cleverley like Peter Crouch needs a good meal. Hurry back Tom.

40. Fergie’s not gonna slag off his mate Pulis but he wont be happy with the tactics he employed against us. There’s a line and Stoke crossed it.

41. Stoke fans should realised that after a trip to Elland Road, the Britannia is like a Butlins holiday in terms of intimidation.

42. Jesus wept. Some United fans need to f*ck off and support someone else. United weren’t that bad, we’re missing FIVE key players -Smalling, Rooney, Cleverley, Hernandez, Vidic, Stoke’s a tough game. Put your toys back in the pram you spoilt prawn sandwich eating c*nts.

43. Prepare yourself for an evening of Owen and Berba bashing.

44. Berbatov and Owen were fooking sh*t. It’s all well and good being sat on the bench earning fortunes but when you’re called up you need to put a shift in lads. Fook them both off in January, we don’t need them if thats the best they can do. I know Berbatov bagged a lot of goals last season, but that was against sh*te like Blackburn and a p*ss poor Liverpool team. As for Owen, a brace against a struggling Championship side doesn’t mean he’s still good enough at the very top level.

45. De Gea was superb today, Jones seems destined for United greatness, it’s not all bad.

46. Gutted the rest of the top teams won yet we didn’t- plus my accumulator went to sh*t.

47. O’Shea, Evans, Carrick and Gibson all sh*te today as usual.

48. When the Stoke fans follow the binman its because they think food will be thrown into the street.

49. Vida, Smalling, Rafa, Evans, Gibson, Carrick, Roo, Chico & Cleverley ALL injured now..more than a third of 25 man PL squad. Nearly a crisis.

50. Basel and Norwich will both get turned over. Believe.


13 responses to “50 Things We Learned From United vs Stoke Via The Angry Red Social Network”

  1. Jay says:

    51. Teams dropping points against Stoke always have to have a good moan.

  2. Dave1863 says:

    Youre a fucking cock!!!! Typical manc really

  3. true stokie says:

    possibly one of the worst blogs ive ever seen. For a plastic manc to even try and take the piss out of stoke is embarrassing to say the least. Support your local team you scummy bastards.