Date: 19th October 2011 at 1:42pm
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Wesley Sneijder

Will we ever see the Dutchman at Old Trafford?

Last night’s somewhat pedestrian display against  that team from Romania that no one’s ever heard of, did little to quash the angst that many Reds have about United’s current form.

Yes we may not be  losing games, but in terms of performance there can be no denying that the past five or six games have all left a lot to be desired. United have looked bereft of any real creativity in midfield ever since Tom Cleverley was injured by that thug Kevin Davies at the Reebok.

The general consensus is that since Cleverley got injured, Anderson’s form has dipped while United have stuggled to play decent football through the middle of the park. It seems we have an abundance of midfield water carriers but no one who can create that little spark needed to open up the game through the middle. Darren Fletcher, Michael  Csrrick, Phil Jones and Ryan Giggs have all beeen used to varying degrees of success yet, while none of them has shamed themselves, they’ve not been the player to pull the strings that’s sorely needed at Old Trafford.

Cleverley can’t return soon enough and hopefully he’ll bring Anderson’s form with him, but even when the youngster does come back into the side. it’s obvious United are still one creative midfield player short.

Sorry to have to bring up the ‘S’ word yet again, after all, even I’d had enough of the saga during the Summer but it’s clear United have to pursue Wesley Sneijder again in January.

I realise he can’t play in the Champions League games but that doesnt really matter, in the grander scheme of things that shouldn’t put United off buying him too much. Sneijder’s absence from the Champions League, simply means Cleverley can step into the fold there and be rested for the Premier League ties that come before a big European clash.

If Cleverley were to gt injured again then United would have no real back-up, we’d be forced to possibly try Wayne Rooney in a much deeper role or maybe just go for graft rather than craft inthe middle which hasn’t been nearly as effective.

Inter may want £30 odd million for Sneijder, but with Dimitar Berbatov seemingly destined to leave, possibly for around the £10 million mark in January, is it too much to ask for United to shell out that sort of money for a truly world class midfielder.

Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room, Manchester City’s start has given United pause for thought, while they’ve yet to be really tested Roberto Mancini’s men have still got off to a flier, while Chelsea are also looking dare I say, almost back to their best during the Mourinho years, with some free scoring dominant displays.

United have two world class players in each position, except attacking midfield, where we are struggling. In the past I’ve been sceptical of the need for Sneijder as I think Rooney can operate in a sinilar position, however I’ve seen enough this season to realise, with the campaign ahead, the signing of the Dutchman in January, could well be a massive leap forward towards title number 20.

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14 responses to “Time For United To Go All Out For Sneijder In January”

  1. Ez says:

    Get Tiote… He’s just like Arsenal’s Song… And comes affordable, can Score and can Defend.

  2. Gorse Hill Red says:

    Even though Sneijder would be a great addition it will not happen. First of all he is approaching 30 now, a £30mill price is way over the odds for a player his age and his wage demands borders on the insane.

    Whether we like it or not we will have to put up with our average midfield and just pray that Cleverley and Pogba become the real deal.

    Fergie had his chance to buy Sneijder when Ronaldo was sold but his anger at Madrid at the time prevented him from doing so, a decision which he must now regret.

  3. belweck says:

    Sneijder is a great player but i don’t think he’s the only way up for our midfield! other players who are worth a shot: Goetze, Javi Martinez, Thiago (new contract dammit), Ganso, Doug Costa