Date: 25th October 2011 at 6:07pm
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22 responses to “[Video] John Terry’s Comment To Anton Ferdinand: You Decide”

  1. Diego says:

    he sais “hey hey.. you fucking monkey” i cant tell what he sais after.

  2. Imam says:

    He said “You f*ucking bl*ck c*nt” whether you like it or not, he did say it.

  3. BW says:

    If he calls him “black”, so what? He didn’t use the “N” word, which would have been racist. I don’t think saying someone is “black” is racist or anything to be offended by?

    It is the “c*nt” bit he should be pissed about, not the “black” bit. Didn’t Rooney get a two or three match ban for swearing?

    I don’t think Terry is a racist, just a knobhead.

  4. SH says:

    He’s a thug, always has been. Time for him to exit football – do we really want people like him in the game, no. I’ll be sickened if he keeps the England armband although I can’t imagine he would. Nobody wants him around any more, unless you’re a Chelsea fan or the journalist Oliver Holt who seems to have a perverse obsession with Terry. Not this time Oli, please…

  5. JB says:

    You United fans are all a bunch of cunts

  6. BIG G says:

    JT not racist just angry. Looks like he said u f ing blind c and f ing knob head.

  7. emery ibie says:

    I’m not a Chelsea fan I I’ve always hated JT bcos I’m a United fan. I’m black, Nigerian, African and I know JT has his faults but he’s definitely not racist. He’s got so many black team mates in Chelsea aint he. No matter what was said, its just football…let’s enjoy the game and leave whatever happens on the pitch in the pitch.

  8. Leffe says:

    Can’t understand what the cockney tw@t says at the best of times.

    Loud mouth cheating thug, who is average at best.

  9. mg says:

    Blind I think. Thought it was black at first but blind seems to fit the movement of the mouth better.