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Will you be sad to see Ravel leave?

The situation surrounding Ravel Morrison’s future is unclear to the public. He could stay at Manchester United or he could leave. Both eventualities are possible. He’s already been subjected to a bid from Newcastle United which has been rejected but if Ravel Morrison was to leave Manchester United, as is expected, I for one will not be sad to see him go. I would however feel slightly disappointed since there is no doubt that he is potentially a big talent but in my opinion the cons currently outweigh the pros. The fact that Manchester United are not giving into his contract demands indicates to me that the club feels the same way.

I start with my first point; If Ravel Morrison’s main motive behind rejecting a contract offer from Manchester United is to play first team football then he should be patient. He only needs to look at the recent examples of Tom Cleverley and Danny Welbeck breaking into the first team this season whilst in their 20’s. Ravel Morrison is still only 18 years of age. Time is most definitely on his side when it comes to breaking into the team. Having said that, I find the previous point slightly irrelevant since Sir Alex Ferguson has already come out to say that Ravel Morrison’s demands are unrealistic with regards to a contract renewal.

So why exactly is he demanding an unreasonable amount of cash at such a young age? Young Morrison has not even broken into the first team yet but with the quality that he possesses it would not be too long until he was playing for the first team on a regular basis. By asking for such a large amount of cash Ravel Morrison has put at risk his whole Manchester United career and his progress as a footballer. As the cliché’d saying goes, there’s only one way to go when you leave United and that is down. By leaving Manchester United, Ravel Morrison will be leaving possibly the biggest team in the world because of a little bit of greed at a relatively young age.

What Ravel Morrison fails to understand is that if he progresses into the first team, which he was more or less certain to do so had he signed a new contract, he would go on to have a long and successful career at Manchester United. When talking about Paul Pogba, Sir Alex Ferguson said the following:

“You hope he gets the right advice, but it’s down to the individual also. Matt Busby summed it up perfectly, that you don’t need to chase money at a club like Manchester United, it will eventually find you.

“If you’re good enough, you will earn money and become rich playing for Manchester United.

“It’s one of these situations that they can chase the money early in their career, but at the end, it’s not the same as if they’d stayed here. He just needs to look round about him to realise that.”

Those quotes now similarly applies to Ravel Morrison. The money will follow him if he is good enough to forge a career at Manchester United. Unfortunately it seems that he is chasing the money early in his career and that will eventual be his downfall. It’s no secret that to be the best, you have to play with the best. I mean no offence to Newcastle United but a reported move to the north east will not get Morrison to the level that was desired for him. They are not a regular Champions League club. They are not regular title challengers. A move to Newcastle United will not aid Morrison in one day becoming one of the best players in the world, a feat that isn’t thought to be out of his reach if he puts the effort in. At the end of the day, a move away from Manchester United will not be beneficial for Morrison’s career and his failure to see that will most probably turn into regret later in his life.

In the past 2 or 3 days Ravel Morrison has been subjected to a lot of speculation and rumours. He has been the centre of attention and the centre of countless numbers of questions on social networking sites. The reality of it all is that 10 different Manchester United players have played in a central midfield position ahead of Ravel Morrison in the Premier League this season. This leads me to my next point; Is Ravel Morrison worth the hassle for the club? To have to put so much effort into protecting a player, as Sir Alex Ferguson famously does with his higher profile players, you have to ask yourself is it really worth it when Ravel Morrison is currently only an 11th choice central midfielder?

Lastly, being at Manchester United is a privilige. There are millions of kids around the world who would love to be in the position that Ravel Morrison is currently in; on the cusp of breaking through to the first team. Being 20 years of age, I can relate to the situation that Ravel Morrison finds himself in. I have seen Manchester United dominate English football and win trophy after trophy for my entire life. Ravel Morrison has seen that too. If it is the lack of money being offered that is driving him away then I can’t help but think that Manchester United is not where he belongs. If money is all that motivates Ravel Morrison, then frankly I don’t want him near my club.

Do you agree with me? Will you be sad to see Ravel Morrison leave? Feel free to comment below.

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27 responses to “I Will Not Be Sad To See Ravel Morrison Leave Man Utd”

  1. UTD111 says:

    Thanks but no thanks!
    Don’t reckon we need another Nile Ranger…

  2. wrnoo9 says:

    “If it is the lack of money being offered that is driving him away then I can’t help but think that Manchester United is not where he belongs. If money is all that motivates Ravel Morrison, then frankly I don’t want him near my club”

    I dont see how you can make a reference to money with the outburst of rooney a clear and shining example to all in the youth… make a fuss threaten to leave and get more money to stay. The move to newcastle?? I dont see it as a bad move, What was cleverly before he went out on loan?? just a talent… Morrison needs the same, its just a shame this seems to be permanent

  3. kenni scotland says:

    I am a Newcastle fan who believes morrison will not become a newcastle player, 1)Newcastle ownwers will not pay high wages to anyone, I suspect the offer from MU is way above what he will receive at the toon. 2) We have astrong midfield but also we have top class youngsters coming thro in midfield.
    To those Man. U supporters hurling abuse, please lets us have our moment (3-0), it will be another 10 years before we get another result like that, man u will win the title, city are inconsistent

  4. vincent says:

    He wil sign a new contract only if Barcelona or real Madrid, psg, man city realy want to sign him they wil pay a huge wage for the guy who hasn’t prove a thing. If he sign a new deal we have to send him away on loan from man united to russia or something where he wil see a other kind of behavior by youngsters. But if money is the only thing that counts i think he is going to screw up his career as a footballer

  5. nory says:

    Fantastic article!!I also think the same..remember that we are MANCHESTER UNITED and no player bigger than a club!


  6. Levi says:

    Really good article. I had written a similar article to this about the situations involving Paul Pogba and Ravel Morrison which can be found here: