Date: 8th January 2012 at 2:00pm
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If he brings Christine Bleakley with him I'm all for it

If he brings Christine Bleakley with him I'm all for it

The Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra incident has taken most of the headlines this week. Most noticeably, Liverpool’s decision to roll over and accept the 8 match ban imposed on Luis Suarez. A few hours later, they decided to roll over for Manchester City.

Luis Suarez finally issued an apology. In the end, it was the kind of apology you give after being told to, by your Mum. It is unknown whether or not Kenny Dalglish put him on the naughty step, but he probably just told him ‘If you do it again, you’re grounded!’.

During Liverpool’s FA Cup clash with the mighty Oldham, a fan allegedly racially abused the Oldham player Tom Adeyemi. He had to be lead away in tears. Liverpool are not thought to be too worried, as they will use the excuse of ‘Cultural Differences’, as it now seems culturally acceptable in Liverpool.

Friday night saw mayhem on Twitter, with the ‘news’ that Fergie was set to allow to ‘go’. In the end, it turned out that Wayne is staying at Trafford and that Fergie was simply allowing to ‘go’ and see the Strictly come dancing tour.

This week saw begging the Ivory Coast manager to allow Kolo and Yaya Toure to stay with the team until after the FA cup match against Manchester United. It would seem that despite having spent more money than Charlie Sheen on a night out, Manchester City’s squad is finding it hard to cope with 6 injuries.

Thierry Henry rejoined on a 2 month loan deal. In totally unrelated news, Curly Watts is set to rejoin Coronation Street, after ratings plummeted.

Tim Howard scored for Everton from his own area in the game against Bolton. With one goal, he now has more goals in 2012 than Torres, and Balotelli, combined.

And finally, Manchester United are looking at reinforcing the Trafford pitch. After Frank Lampard was linked with a move, it is thought that the pitch could not cope with a central midfield partnership of Lampard and Anderson.

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