Date: 7th January 2012 at 11:59am
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15 responses to “[Video] Tom Adeyemi Incident At Anfield”

  1. Bosco says:

    Evra is black so suarez calls him u r black but suarez he don hav any intention coz evra call him ‘u r sout american quiet’ but evra what ever said to him suarez he juz acept coz in footbal anythng can hapen..may evra so scared of lfc or he though himself hes white people.haha

  2. RedDevil says:


    I wish I could understand your english, but I think you are blaming Evra for suarez making racist comments.

  3. red rudi says:

    ‘Prevaricate’ means that somebody gives false and incriminating information.

    Ironically, prevaricate is an anagram of Patrice Evra.