Date: 7th February 2012 at 1:06am
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It took Luis Suarez only three minutes after returning from his ban for racially abusing Patrice Evra before the Uruguayan striker was amongst the controversy yet again.

Coming on as a substitute in the clash at Anfield between Liverpool and Spurs Suarez aimed a kick which caught Scott Parker full on in the stomach.

Referee Michael Oliver decided to book Suarez rather than issue what many believed was a red card offence.

Ahead of Saturday’s clash between United and Liverpool at Old Trafford, Wayne Rooney wasted no time stoking ip the fire by tweeting:

“If ref sees that kick from suarez and books him for it it should be red.”

There’s no doubt almost all United fans will probably agree with Wazza regardless of whether it really was a red card offence or not such is the level of contempt all Reds hold the Uruguayan in. Let’s ask ourselves though was it really a red card or is it just a case of Rooney playing a bit of mind games before the explosively charged game on Saturday.

Personally I think it’s a red card and he should have been banned for the rest of the season, not that I’m biased at all…

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47 responses to “[GIF] Was Rooney Right, Should Suarez Have Seen Red For This?”

  1. Sandra says:

    My feeling is that Parker had frustrated lfc all night. When Suarez came on he tried to upset Parker’s rhythm but Parker just kept playing it tight. Suarez got frustrated, pushed Parker to try and win the ball and then kicked him in frustration. It was a clear red, as it was with intent to hurt another player.

    I have a question, what is wrong with Suarez? He is an amazingly gifted player, but he has no control on the pitch. Maybe he needs to take Jack Nicholson’s course on Anger Management, maybe sing “I Feel Pretty” on national television. Seriously though it is sad to see such talented so out of control behavior on the pitch. Just sad.

    • Rowan says:

      Sorry are you talking about Rooney or Suarez? Both are hot heads who play with their hearts not their heads! Agreed Suarez is no saint but I also don’t think he is a racist or that this was malicious. I wouldn’t say he isn’t capable of malicious conduct as we have seen him do it. Same with Rooney. only difference is Rooney has the media on his side.

  2. Brendan says:

    Lads lads relax here, why r we getting so worked up with dis Suarez guy , we’ve 19 titles soon to b 20 that hurts the scoucers more than anything , we’ve a magnificent stadium, there in a dump the can’t sell out every week, they beat us in there cup final who cares!!let them concentrate on fighting for a top half finish, wel do wat we do best win titles, it’s over 20 years since yous won the league, o how us mancs LAUGH about it , mufc19 TIMES o how it hurts yous ha ha ha

  3. chris says:

    There’s a move in kickboxing where you push a guy in the shoulder to line him up, then kick him in the guts, my trainer would have been prous because Suarez did a good job. NO ACCIDENT. The ball had already bounced of Parkers head, he missed it by about 6 feet. Get real people.

  4. DevilForLife says:

    Even IF it was an accident, it was still dangerous play. Which is a red card offense. If all bad tackles were ‘accidents’, does that mean they aren’t red card offenses?

  5. joeisred says:

    How did Rooneys wig get in to Anfield, I hope some one gives it a good home, that is one pussy Rooney wont be licking,

  6. joeisred says:

    Brad red will this life ban include rooney, seem’s you only see what you want to see. take of the sun glasses and have a good fucking look at the manu team looking close at over the years it seems a lot of the should have banned for life
    get your own fucking house in order get rid os all the fucking shaggers who have disgraced your beloved club from the welsh man to rooney, fergy has a problen now, now De Gea he is seeing fucking angel’s,

  7. joeisred says:

    DE Gea is eating to many fucking dough nuts, his fav song now is Robbie Williams, Angles

  8. football says:

    What a great surprise for her! But why did most of our player have to b so awkward in front of camera? They’ve been in front of it all their lives! They shud hav gotten used to itlong time ago! Anyway, how cute they all looked! Love them all so much! Love u Liverpool!