Date: 19th April 2012 at 4:19pm
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DDG pulls off another 'worldy' against Athletic Bilbao

DDG pulls off another 'worldy' against Athletic Bilbao

It’s amazing how a player who was once the most talked-about in the United team, now barely receives a mention from much of the media following yet another superb performance.

David De Gea has gone from being many fan’s second choice United keeper and a player labelled a ‘flop’ by much of the Liverpool/Arsenal/Chelsea loving media, to someone who is now even being touted as a potential ‘player of the season’ contender. It could be argued with some justification that had the former Atletico Madrid man reached the form he’s in, a few months earlier then he would have walked the PFA player of the season, let alone the United one.

De Gea has become not just ‘reliable’ but almost Edwin Van Der Sar-esque in his ability to save the sort of shots that no keeper should even be getting near. Many people commented on the youngsters weight as being an issue, although I never quite bought into the idea, following some well publicised failures to clear his area.

De Gea has admitted his weight is something he’s actually tried to increase in the gym as well as the effects his stunning stop against Chelsea in the last-minute at Stamford Bridge had on his confidence. Speaking to the Independent De Gea admits:

“When you look back over a season there are lots of defining moments and key goals,” he said. “But, I suppose, from a team point of view, and particularly from a personal point of view, the fact the save was right in the last minute was decisive. It gave me a huge confidence boost as well and that was important.

“Now we are in front and we have to try and stay there because it would be a dream come true to win the league in my first season.”

“It is always a positive when the fans are behind you.

“This is something that I can sense when I am on the field and it makes me feel more relaxed. It is a source of extra motivation when you know that the fans are right behind you and are rooting for you.

“But all that aside, it is just a case of getting your head down, keep working hard and making sure you do have a continuous improvement all the time.”

“People are aware I have been trying to gain a little bit of weight in terms of muscle, maybe an odd kilo to bulk up a little bit,” he said. “But football-wise, there are not too many differences. The concentration levels are certainly the same, you can’t let them drop for an instant.”

Whenever Sir Alex does retire I’ve a sneaky feeling his successor may be thanking him for leaving the most important position on the pitch in safe hands, above all the other signings the United manager has made of late.

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