Date: 17th June 2012 at 4:43pm
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"I'm looking at the man in the mirror....." Danny loses the Jacko stand-off

"I'm looking at the man in the mirror....." Danny loses the Jacko stand-off

The latest reports, rumours, conjecture and tweets suggest that everyone’s favourite Michael Jackson circa 1984 lookalike Luis Carlos Almeida Da Cunha could be on his way out of Old Trafford.

The Mirror notes:

Nani fears that he is being forced out of Manchester United after being stunned by the club’s reluctance to hand him a new contract.

The Portuguese winger still has two years left on his existing deal, but was hoping to get a pay rise that would bring him more in line with the club’s top earners.

But talks have become deadlocked – even though Nani has reduced his demands twice in a bid to broker an agreement.

Now the 25-year-old is starting to feel that perhaps United are getting ready to cash in on him while his value is at its highest.

Sir Alex Ferguson has Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia to play on the wings and the United boss felt that Nani’s form suffered last season

For starters I’m fully aware that the entire Mirror story could be about as accurate as one of Nani’s poorer shots but there may be some credence to the idea the Portuguese man is far from happy.

If Nani were to depart, it could be a disastrous blow to United and here’s ten reasons why we need to keep the former Sporting Lisbon man.

1. 28 goals and 32 assists in his last two seasons shows Nani is one of the most effective wingers in the world.

2. Do we want to win the Champions League? Then surely a man who on his day is capable of tearing apart any defence is worth keeping.

3. If Antonio Valencia or Ashley Young get injured, who’s our next option if Nani leaves? Danny Welbeck out wide? Ryan Giggs? Kagawa? None of those players are best suited to the wings and it would be detrimental to the side to play them there.

4. THAT celebration- still the best I’ve ever seen at Old Trafford- remember the cringeworthy Ince and Giggs routine days?

5. “The Nani Show”- You know what I mean, the sheer unpredictable drama that comes with every single Nani performance. The theatrics, the trickery, the arguing and the sublime. Yes, he can frustrate but Nani is one of only three or four United players that you can call an out-and-out match winner.

6. Forget Ronaldo. Let’s stop expecting Nani to emulate one of the greatest footballers that’s ever played the game and just appreciate the fact he’s a hugely gifted footballer we’re fortunate to have.

7. He’s improving and will only be better next season. Nani’s goals/assists per game ratio has increased over the past few seasons as he’s become more and more influential. Do we really want to see him enjoy his best years elsewhere?

8. He brings out the best in Wayne Rooney Tom Cleverley and Danny Welbeck. The quick ‘no time to think’ football Nani often plays with Rooney and Welbeck, brings out the best in Rooney and highlights Welbeck’s superior two touch ability. I’ve not given up hope that Cleverley can make an impact on United’s first team next season and he certainly seemed to shine with Nani linking up with him.

9. Where do you think the money will go if we do sell him? A bid for Messi perhaps? Or maybe a new tier for the stadium? No. The money will go to furnishing the club’s debts or maybe buying the Glazers a new wing to their mansion.

10. You cannot rely on Ashley Young all season. I’m sorry but despite it being a good first season for Young, the former Villa man did go through a somewhat mediocre spell for a large chunk of the season, should he do that again, Nani will be needed more than ever.

There’s my reasons for not wanting to see Nani leave, feel free to expand, reiterate or disagree below:


41 responses to “10 Reasons Why Nani CANNOT Be Allowed To Leave”

  1. navid rahimi says:

    Nani should never leave UNITED because he is the player that can produce loads of things in the football like no other player can, remember when he set up that over head kick for Rooney against Man City and the community shield mach winner, you don’t see any player that would work as much as he works in the game to produce something for the club. For me he is one of the best player in the world no matter what people say. All he needs is more support from Furgie like he gave the support to Ronaldo he should do the same to Nani if he does believe me he will come the next best player in the world that no one would expect it even though he is getting old now.

  2. SHANEDNALOB says:

    Nani is gone, fergie wants it that way and as for who will replace him? i realise i am speaking now with hindsight but zaha being signed just shows how much nani is half way out the door!

  3. Spele says:

    Nani is still the best compared to what we Manchester United have

  4. Joel says:

    Nani is going to leave MN and Cesc Fabregas might finally say yes to Manchester Uniteds transfer