Date:2nd July 2012 at 7:44pm
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Fabio was looking forward to life in West London

Fabio was looking forward to life in West London

United’s Brazillian full back Fabio Da Silva has joined West Londoners Queen’s Park Rangers on a season long loan deal.

The youngster will link up with former Red Mark Hughes at Loftus Road in what is surely an attempt to try and give Fabio some much needed experience which will hopefully see his game develop.

A few years ago, Fabio was deemed good enough to start a Champions League final against the mighty Barcelona, yet in the last campaign he had to settle for a paltry five Premier League appearances.

Fabio hasn’t been helped by an injury record that would make even Michael Owen blush, well maybe that’s a bit harsh, but he has spent an awful lot of his career so far on the treatment table.

I’ve long been an advocate of sending our youngsters to Premier League clubs for several reasons:

1. That’s the league we want them to play in so it makes more sense than shifting them abroad.

2. If they’re good enough to make it at United, then even at a young age they should be good enough for lower Premier League clubs.

3. On occasion it can even give us an advantage when we play these sides as all of a sudden a key player for them, who they’re used to having and rely upon is no longer available. Cleverley at Wigan, Howard at Everton – I know he’d signed a permanent deal but it was the same principle in 2007.

4. It keeps them nearby -ish so they don’t get too unsettled.

I’ve always claimed that I don’t blame QPR for City’s title win last season- I don’t- we blew it, they deserved it, I can live with that no matter how many Blues ram it down my throat. That stance however doesn’t mean I’m particularly fond of the West London club or want to see them look after some of our prized-assets.

It’s not just the fact that rent-a-pillock Joey Barton will eventually share the same dressing room as an impressionable young player. There’s Kiko Macheda making less than two hours worth of appearances for QPR in the Premier League while on loan last season.

Let’s not forget the sight of QPR fans celebrating City’s winner AGAINST THEIR OWN TEAM in what must surely rank as the saddest display of sychophancy any visiting fans have ever shown a home side.

QPR could be the ideal place for a youngster who needs to not only try and improve physically but also learn his craft, but as shown with our previous loanee to Loftus Road, it doesn’t always work out that way.

Am I being bitter? Are QPR the perfect club for young Fabio to try and prove himself at? Answers on a brick through the usual window please.