Date: 7th September 2012 at 2:16am
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" Wait till you see the boy Bebe in action, you'll forget all about Messi"

" Wait till you see the boy Bebe in action, you'll forget all about Messi"

We’ve all done it, sat around with our mates, making a case as to who should succeed the greatest manager of all time when he finally decides he’s had enough of dominating football and is finally going to spend a bit more time with Cathy.

The names most of my mates suggest start and end in Special One, while those ‘thinking outside the box’ – I know I’m sorry, next thing you know I’ll be saying things like “proactive” and “blue sky ideas”- they suggest David Moyes, while the safe option is usually touted as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer- safe in the fact no one really argues with it too much due to his legendary status.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s successor doesn’t need much on his CV, just- deep breath now- the ability to manage at the top level, a decent relationship with the current United boss- we all know Fergie’s going to have a massive say in who takes over from him- a penchant for playing football the right way, the ability to be media savvy and he’ll also need to be well respected by all the players.

Pep Guardiola fits all of the above criteria and then some. Unlike Jose Mourinho, there’s no problem with the media, nor is there the affiliation with Chelsea which may cause a problem in convincing him to come to Old Trafford, Ole for all his merits has never been in charge of anything close to the size of United’s first team, while Moyes doesn’t have the CL knowledge, or the experience of playing football in the style United now seem to be heading.

Players such as Shinji Kagawa and Tom Cleverley seem a perfect fit for the tina-taka style that Guardiola all but invented – or at the very least perfectly mastered it- and you have a feeling he could also take Chicharito and Danny Welbeck to another level.

The reason for all this excitement regarding the only football manager who could feasibly walk from the dugout onto a catwalk without changing his clobber, are reports from Spanish paper Mundo Deportivo which claims that Sir Alex Ferguson is lining up Guardiola as his replacement, “if” and admittedly it’s a big “if” this turns out to be true, I for one would not be complaining.

Is Guardiola the man to replace Sir Alex? If not who? Feel free to comment, suggest and abuse below:

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33 responses to “‘Pep Guardiola To United?’ Say It Is So!”

  1. GrandMasterGav says:

    The thing is that Fergie has been able to reinvent his team many times over ad Pep even admitted that he wouldn’t fancy his ability or patience to pull this off. Sure Peps maths look good at the moment, but he was lucky to have a marvellous set of players at his disposal.

  2. bruce thomas says:

    Yes “no name” — no wonder you stay anonymous with your proposal to have a legend of a manager replaced by a legend of a twat 🙂

  3. Dibils says:

    no thanks, i dont want him anywhere near old trafford unless he has messi with him

  4. Jason GERRARD says:

    I think the best replacement for saf is on a short list of seven,the seventh choice would be.
    very sorry to those not short listed but would any self respecting united fan want to see the whinging one wearing the red of our great club after spending time at the cest pit of Stamford bridge, come on people we are better than that

  5. i dnt thinks sir replacement are ready now wen its time the perfect replacement for fagie wil come

  6. PS18 says:

    isn’t much left to say other than what’s already been said in the comments… EXCEPT:
    love the caption!

  7. Colin says:

    No, not Pep Guardiola nor Mourinho. Pep inherited a system that’s been there for years and a set of excellent players to begin with, so no big deal that he’s won that much. Mourinho, I don’t like him at all and he is not known to develop young players.

    We should wait a while to see how some of the new managers fair; the likes of OGS (our legend) and Michael Laudrup. OGS is doing a wonderful job at Molde, a club that has never won the league title before. I believe though that he needs a bit more experience to take the United job. Laudrup appears to be doing very well at Swansea (even though he has lost a couple of his best players) but it’s early days yet and we need more time to see if he can keep up the good results.

  8. k2 says:

    Pep Out ! Jose in ! Moyes ? –> bloody shitbreak