Date:3rd December 2012 at 1:45am
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Could the winger be used to tempt Madrid?

Could the winger be used to tempt Madrid?

One player who’s United future seems as dead as Mickey Phelan’s once Fergie retires, is Luis Almeida Da Cunha who now appears to be heading for the Old Trafford exit door. I’ve defend Nani ever since the naysaying started and given the choice would be happy to see him stay at United, however erratic his form may be. Nani’s a match winner and I for one am fully prepared to take the rough with the smooth, even if Sir Alex doesn’t seem to be anymore.

The Nani defence is pointless though as regardless of my feelings its obvious his time in a United shirt is coming to an end which makes me naturally think “how can we get the best possible deal for him?”

If the latest reports are to be believed then Real Madrid’s German midfielder Mesut Ozil is far from happy with his lot at the Bernabeu following the arrival of Luka Modric.

A few days ago the Sun noted:

United chief Alex Ferguson has asked to be kept informed of any developments and would be at the front of the queue if Real decide to sell.

…Fergie is hunting a successor to 38-year-old Paul Scholes, who looks set to retire for the second time at the end of the season.

If Real do choose to offload Ozil, the Spaniards would want double the £12million they paid Bremen.

The interesting side to all this is that Nani could well be the type of player Madrid could use. He can play on either wing, is obviously no stranger to playing alongside the likes of Pepe and Cristiano Ronaldo plus is a native of Portugal which could sway Jose Mourinho. It’s no secret the ‘Special One’ has had a somewhat difficult relationship with some of the Spanish members of his squad and may well be keen to see a fellow countryman join the fray.

A swap deal involving Ozil and Nani could be the answer to everyone’s problems as the German would certainly bring a new dimension to our midfield play. It could be argued that Tom Cleverley would benefit no end from playing alongside someone as gifted at Ozil who would bring out the best in him, not to mention the likes of Anderson. It would also mean losing Nani wouldn’t simply be for money that’s going to go straight into the Glazer’s pockets rather than buy anyone United really need.

Doubters of the possibility of such a deal will point to the fact Ozil has featured in every La Liga game for Madrid this season, while optimists may remind us that he’s also been subbed eight times in the league alone while also been named on the bench twice. It’s also worth noting Ozil has been mere bit-part player in the Champions League, failing to even get a game at the Etihad.

Whether Sir Alex Ferguson is genuinely interested in Ozil remains to be seen, but if he is, then maybe his pal Mourinho would be tempted to part with his young German if it means he can acquire Nani as part of the deal.

Do United really need Ozil? Is a player with over 100 assists in the past five seasons someone we could ignore? Can we afford to lose Nani? Feel free to comment suggest and abuse below:

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