Date: 10th January 2013 at 4:51pm
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Tony V - remember him?

Tony V – remember him?

Six months ago the idea of United’s Ecuadorian winger being surplus to requirements seemed about as likely as Arsenal selling Robin Van Persie to us. Antonio Valencia was one of the main reasons United were able to take the title race right down to the wire and there was even a case to be argued had he started at Eastlands it could have been title number 20.

Fast forward to this season and the player who wears the coveted number 7 shirt- a move many felt was more than justified has become a shadow of the player we’ve all grown to love these past few seasons. Instead of terrorising left backs Tony V seems more intent on giving United fans nightmares as his loss of form has been nothing short of catastrophic.

The Wilfried Zaha to United rumours have gathered such momentum with so many newspapers claiming a deal is in the pipeline it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the idea that the young winger is Old Trafford bound. Eventually. Although Zaha can also operate as a striker or just off a front man, his services are more than likely going to be used on the right wing at United, an area that for the past year at least has been the domain almost exclusively of Valencia.

Despite what many have suggested, Nani doesn’t seem to be going anywhere- and unlike Valencia at least offers the option of being able to play in more than just one position.  Nani may well end up leaving Old Trafford in the Summer, but that will still leave Ashley Young and Zaha if he were to arrive. When you consider the likes of Shinji Kagawa, Wayne Rooneyand Danny Welbeck can be used just off the main striker almost negating the use of wingers, then all of a sudden Valencia’s place in the side, or even the need for him looks far less assured.

As per usual with these things, there’s a lot of conjecture involved, but IF Zaha were to arrive and IF Valencia’s poor form were to continue is it really that inconceivable that United’s number 7 could fond himself surplus to requirements this Summer?

Have I lost the plot even suggesting such a thing? Is it all too possible we could be witnessing a ‘Lee Sharpe-esque’ decline with the winger?

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20 responses to “Could This Mean The End For Antonio Valencia?”

  1. don says:

    I dnt thnk there is need for zaha.av7 can still do the job.there is nani too whose injury is over.the goals are being scored and they should be looking to tighten their defence or getting another keeper other than letting good players go

  2. ose says:

    i dont think AV7 lost his form, jst dat all defenders has understood his tactise, and he being a 1legged player is unable 2 change his styl is his initial tactise keeps failling. so i think we need another winger 2 put competition in d wings jst as d attack is

  3. sunday says:

    really valencia’s form has decrease alot but still there is a need for replacement if one is tired if you look at madrid that is what they are suffering from as a result of right replacement they dont have it so when they have played and are tired the other club who have made good changes will start equalising all the goals and might win at the long run so there is no big deal of signing another 7.

  4. Franco says:

    If we had to sell a player because he is off form then according to you we can sell 10 players a season cause almost every player suffers through loss of form during a season and players operating up front seem to take longer to recapture it thats all. But to be fair to you he is having a stinker of a season so far.

  5. Goodluck says:

    Wht we need is to strenghten our dfens and a creative midfielder who can distribut passes and hold up to ball when d goal area is tight fr a player to run tru and break d offside trap. Though buying zaha is nt a bad idea as wing is were we operate frm

  6. clint says:

    I don’t think if a player has temporary loss of form it means his out!!! Valencia is a proven world class winger I don’t think Zaha will replace him anytime soon.. We supporters are crazy we want players 2 perform every match when they are only human.. Valencia will become a legend but Zaha is a good addition for a long term replacement. Same as Buttner is an good addition as a long time replacement 4 Evra. That’s how Fergie operates.

  7. Masota Madulu says:

    “He is so 1 dimensional that he has been found out by all defenders” Why now? He was always good at Wigan, same style. As a matter of fact I have noted Tony V using his left often than he used to and I am sure whether it improves his game or not. The secret is in his pace. CR & Messi are so good because of pace, without pace they wont be different from Berbatov. Valencia does no longer use his pace the way he used to, that is the problem. My advise is he should go back to his play.

  8. ndubuisidurueke says:

    Of all things said in this page,we still need the signing of zaha.I watched dis guy play and he reminded me of when cr7 came to man utd newly.he is a player for the feature IMO