Date: 13th January 2013 at 8:25am
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I know what I'd like to do with this sign....

I know what I’d like to do with this sign….

Remember this clown from the gmae last season, the one where we handed the advantage to the ‘noisy neighbours?’ It seems some never learn as with facing Liverpool at Trafford before travel to the to face there’s been murmurs of today being a ‘ deciding day.’

If United win and City lose- then ten points is a ‘massive’ advantage for the , but that’s a big ‘if’ and let’s also not forget that in April last season the Reds were eight points clear.

Titles aren’t won and lost in January, let’s not forget in 1998 Arsenal began the year 12 points behind United and I’m sure I don’t need to remind anyone what happened there.

I don’t want tp sound like a merchant of doom after all being top of the league in January is obviously a good sign -no pun intended-¬†and there are many reasons to be confident. Just forgive me if I err on the side of caution these coming months.