Date: 13th February 2013 at 3:18am
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De Gea can show the world who's number one.

De Gea can show the world who’s number one.

One of the most boring, pointless, annoying and repetitive debates United fans are forced to endure is the one that surrounds a certain young Spanish goalkeeper and his alleged flaws.

David De Gea has received the sort of criticism normally reserved for England goalkeepers when facing the Americans in a World Cup. Everyone who’s ever been asked a football question seems determined to stick the knife into De Gea, including even former United skippers.

Let’s not pretend that De Gea hasn’t had problems at times, some of his handling when it comes to crosses obviously needs work, but the level of castigation he’s suffered is nothing short of a disgrace, particularly when you take into account how many good games and top class saves he’s made for the Reds.

I’m not going to rehash the old Joe Hart v David De Gea argument as quite frankly I think even the most ardent City fan can see the point people are making on that one, but you have to wonder just what it will take for United’s number one to finally silence his critics.

Tonight’s game at the Bernabeu represents the ideal opportunity with the world watching for De Gea to show everyone why United fans are so vehemently behind him. The Spanish keeper is supremely talented and despite the drivel written and spoken about him has been a major part of United’s success this season.

De Gea only has to produce a performance we’ve seen him do many times this season, avoid some of the less than convincing aspects of his game, that despite what’s claimed, are becoming more rare and finally the world will see why United fans are certain about the former Atletico Madrid man.


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