Date: 7th June 2013 at 3:52am
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"Why don't you wear the number 7 cap?"

“Why don’t you wear the number 7 cap?”

Nothing can be more scary than an impromptu visit from the taxman- just ask Wesley Snipes. Despite getting a bit of a fright United’s Antonio Valencia had nothing to worry about when the head of the Ecuadorian Internal Revenue Service turned up where the national team were staying to give a spontaneous press conference about our number 7.

Carlos Marx Carrasco told assembled reporters with Tony V stood next to him: “[Valencia] Is not just a player who plays good football and make us proud in the field, he is also a person who pays all their taxes through their income and pays the IRS”. 

“I just want to discuss the case of Antonio Valencia who is an example for the country, because he helps the country and pays all his taxes and wish him every success for the Ecuadorian team’s commitment on Friday to Peru”. 

“Special thanks to Antonio (Valencia) for complying with the country and wish him every success for Ecuadorian team to its commitments on Friday before Tuesday against Peru and Argentina and know that they will get a positive result and give joy to the Ecuadorians. “

Valencia joked he’d been given a fright by the impromptu visit by the country’s leading tax inspector, thinking he may be in trouble the winger quipped: “Honestly, I was scared. I said I do not think I’ll be able to go to Peru. “

Valencia’s star shines brightly in his home country as one of the leading footballers and he always seems more relaxed, happy and confident when playing for the national side. Hopefully he can take his international form back to Old Trafford as a high flying Tony V next season would be just the boost the Reds need for the first Sir Alex-less season in decades.


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