Date: 13th June 2013 at 10:03am
Written by:

If you’ve been reading either this site, The Busby Way or Pride Of All Europe, you’ll know we’re not exactly the biggest fans of The ‘movement’ as it’s been termed by the creators is based around fans donating money towards the transfer fee of in an effort to bring him back to Trafford. Sounds admirable, expect the donation, which is a deposit on a shirt, won’t go towards any transfer fee and anyone making a ‘pledge’ will see some of their cash taken towards an admin fee – up to £3 of the £10 donated.

The club even released a statement advising fans not to pledge money as it won’t fund any and even the creator of the site admitted in an interview that he doesn’t think they can help sign and is merely using this as a means to collect data.

A further twist came with the sites use of Save The Children logo- which would naturally infer they’re donating money to the charity. I emailed Save the Children several weeks ago and recently received this reply.


It seems as if taking money off fans wasn’t enough, misusing children’s charities logos isn’t either. I personally can’t wait to see the back of this ‘movement.’ If Ronnie does come home, it will be because he’s loved by the fans not because of this campaign.

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