Date: 27th June 2013 at 2:31am
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Simple and effective

You know the old joke “if a footballer has a GCSE he’s nicknamed the professor” such is the supposed lack of intelligence of some of our heroes, yet that idea is a tad harsh to say the least. Footballer’s aren’t the morons they’re made out to be by many in the press, although its safe to say many of them won’t be filling in that Mensa application anytime soon. Regardless of how clever or dozy you are the latest hands free products sent to me by Phones4U for the Samsung Galaxy user, are so simple and easy to use that it can make life on the go that less stressful. 

If like me you spend half your car journeys on the phone then unless you fancy clocking up some driving points then the Supertooth Buddy Hands free bluetooth visor car kit, is just the ticket. Not only is it compatible with the latest bluetooth 2.1 phones, its so simple to use you can have it up and running straight away. I fitted it to my car’s visor and within a few minutes it had paired with my handset and I was good to go, chatting away about the latest transfer rumours as I drove to work. The sound quality was perfect and I was assured by my friend on the end of the line that he could hear me loud and clear. There’s 20 hours worth of talk time on the Supertooth car kit plus it comes with a charger so you’re never in danger of running out of battery before you’ve finished chatting about the latest Ronaldo to United story doing the rounds at £49.98 the price is more than decent.

Another problem when I’m out and about all day is not being able to charge my phone as sometimes- those long distance away trips by coach for example- there isn’t the chance to get to a power point, plus carrying a charge can be a bit of pain. The Duracell 3 hour power charger does the trick, easily plugging into your phone and giving you an afternoon’s worth of battery, simply charge it via a computer when you get home. At only £24.99 it’s worth getting just for the added peace of mind knowing that you’re not going to be phone-less for the day.

The final piece in the “on the go” phone kit are the KitSound KS1 colour headphones, they look the part in cool blue and with the inline mike allow you to use them for calls when your out and about.

All three products set me back less than £100 not bad for someone who doesn’t like running out of battery or getting stopped by traffic police for using their phone when they should be concentrating on driving.


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