Date:28th July 2013 at 2:46am
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Are the Express on the ball?

Are the Express on the ball?

Cesc Fabregas has struck a deal to join United according to this morning’s Express newspaper, which runs the story on its back page.

The Express notes:

Cesc Fabregas has agreed to join Manchester United following a secret meeting between the Barcelona star’s agent Darren Dein and Old Trafford Chief Executive Edward Woodward.

We’ve seen headlines like this before with a certain Dutch midfielder, I’m sure of it, so forgive me if I’m a tad cynical when it comes to what the British press state. Only a few weeks ago, Thiago Alcantara had reportedly all but decided on a move to Old Trafford according to the press, yet the Spanish midfielder recently claimed he hadn’t even spoken to the Reds.

The Express certainly are sticking thier necks out on this one though and if they’ve got it wrong they’ll have a lot of explaining to do, while if the story turns out to be true- and that’s a big “if”- United fans may have a lot of celebrating to do….