Date: 25th July 2013 at 8:54am
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Has the Dutchman been mistreated by the new boss?

It seems Raymond Verheijen can add his name to the ever-growing list of people who’ve taken it upon themselves to stick their noses into Manchester United’s business when it doesn’t concern them. Verheijen a Dutch coach who worked with the late Gary Speed reacted to Moyes’s comment about ‘overtraining’ Van Persie to build up his fitness. 

Verheijen tweeted:

“In Sydney Moyes said: ‘We’ve overtrained Robin this week to build up his fitness’. [In Japan] he picked up muscle injury. It really makes you wonder how these prehistoric training methods can still take place at the highest level.

“The only way to solve this problem in Jurassic Park is to improve education of these dinosaur coaches, fitness clowns & scientific cowboys.

Verheijen’s comments seem harsh and unnecessary considering Moyes has barely had chance to work with his new side and obviously takes advice from the club’s fitness coaches. It would be foolish though to completely discount Verheijen’s point of view and after a season where RVP didn’t miss a game, only time will tell whether Moyes is treating our star striker the way he should be. Personally I’ll reserve my criticisms for the manager to the results on the pitch, not the comments he makes about training.


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