Date: 21st July 2013 at 3:19am
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"Well played like la"

“Well played like la”

April 2008, Manchester United have just defeated Arsenal 2-1 at Old Trafford thanks to goals from Cristiano Ronaldo and Owen Hargreaves.

The win leaves United six points clear at the top of the Premier League table with just five games to go. At the end of the game two of football’s brightest young stars swap shirts as Wayne Rooney and Cesc Fabregas show a bit of respect for one another. It isn’t long though before the young Spaniard has tossed his opponent’s shirt aside.

Cesc Fabregas has been the subject of two bids from Manchester United over the past week, with media speculation that the former Arsenal skipper could be open to a move to Old Trafford.

Wayne Rooney on the other hand has endured one of the worst weeks of his United career as Chelsea attempt to prise the striker away from the club he’s spent nearly a decade at.

Who knows maybe Cesc will one day be wearing the shirt he threw away that day- not literally of course as that wouldn’t work, we’ve got different sponsors now, it was five years ago it’s probably been auctioned off……

Who’s the handsome devil in the background?

53 responses to “[Picture] When Fabregas Threw Rooney’s Shirt Away”

  1. Kellyjoe(kelechi.joshua) says:

    I wil not say anything until i say somthing, in all thing manutd 4life.

  2. h8nro says:

    1. Fabregas ? 🙂 mayb Or …. Cabaye…probably 🙁
    2. Rooney 2 Chelsea … + John Obi. With Ramires….Essien ( back with his ‘daddy’ ) etc…Chelsea don’t lack midfield depth.
    3. …think Moyes is saving Fellaini for last…’cos he Will get him if he Really wants him !
    But then …I am neither Moyes or Woodward…what do I know !

  3. Is'haq na lungu says:

    Utd,for get about talk of change barge.They talking about transfer because are possible.

  4. Prestozer says:

    If we buy Bale and a midfielder like Fellaini and dispose Rooney then our team would really be hot!

  5. prince salami mide says:

    Manchester united 4ever pls moyes and others pls help us find solution to the mielfied as the transfer window will soon close and we re tired of this rumour thiago is gone now , so fabregas , cabaye fellaini or what so ever . Do something in time .

  6. Wisdom says:

    Y is moyes wastin tym on player dat doesn’t luv united,y ar we talkin abt fab here,many star players nid united,lets go 4 dem

  7. King is coming says:

    Well I pray he get who he wnt to get b4 it too late.for me he’s too slow for my likn.

  8. tiko says:

    moyes, plz & plz’ do sometin abt our mildfild…shop tempting us…today,thiago, tomoro bale, next failani now again cech fab,,,,,wht ahail ‘shit’! Wake up!! And do sometin ontime….just tyerd of al dis rumours’….

  9. ajayisamson says:

    if he likes he should be looking when orders are reinforcing.