Date: 26th July 2013 at 4:14pm
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The closest we may have come to seeing the Spurs winger in a Red shirt...

The closest we may have come to seeing the Spurs winger in a Red shirt…

As United fans come to terms with the idea that one former North London idol may not be joining our ranks this season, comes the double whammy that another current North London idol wont be joining either.

United’s pursuit of Gareth Bale seems to have hit a brick wall with reports that the former Saints star is staying at Spurs.  

The Guardian notes:
The Tottenham Hotspur manager André Villas-Boas has revealed there are ongoing talks with Gareth Bale’s agent regarding a new contract for the Wales international as they attempt to fend off interest from Real Madrid.

Bale has been heavily linked with a move to the Bernabéu this summer with reports in Spain earlier this week suggesting the player has already agreed terms on a six-year deal.

But, speaking at the Barclays Asia Trophy in Hong Kong, Villas-Boas was optimistic the 24-year-old, who is currently contracted until 2016, will extend his stay at White Hart Lane.

The Portuguese said: “There was contact between the club and his agent last year and there is ongoing contact between the club and his agent.

“We renewed his contract at the beginning of last season, if you remember, and it’s something that is being dealt with by the chairman and the agent.

“Talks are ongoing but that doesn’t mean there is an agreement. At the moment we’re confident that the player is under contract at Tottenham, as was done last year. It’s something that we’re speaking about, but there aren’t any developments.”

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to Reds as unlike Wayne Rooney, or even Robin Van Persie when he was at Arsenal, Bale has always seemed fairly happy at Spurs, including during this Summer.

It’s easy to criticise one of the world’s best players for not wanting to play Champions League football this season, but at a time when loyalty is a four letter word amongst football players maybe it’s time to just to appreciate his desire to repay his club’s early faith and move on.


25 responses to “‘Bale To United’ Saga Finally Over?”

  1. HIV says:

    If Bale does not leave Spur on time, he ‘ll regreet cos with spur no Cl no trophy

    • SP says:

      I’m sure no-one used that argument on any player that moved to United when Ferguson was building his side.

  2. time says:

    If Bale moves to United he will win trophies. He is a great player and should be in the champions league rather than waiting for the local derby against arsenal as the only exciting game all season. what a waste of a talent.
    If they don’t sell now he will leave next year for half the price, probably less. Spurs wont beat Chelsea or city and I doubt united will collapse, they are the champions.
    If spurs can make 60 million and re invest, surely that will be worth it for everyone.

  3. emmanuel says:

    Dis were just rumours. Man u neva went 4 him, so pls put man u out of dis

  4. Yid4life says:

    Bale will neva join man utd not any premier league team from tottenham…. Madrid one day maybe but Daniel levy will neva sell to an English club so stop writing all this utter camel shit

  5. james says:

    please if u cannot search relevant and trusted information plse leave it utd neva gave an offer of £60 on bale bullshirt.

  6. Pete1970 says:

    You probably won’t believe this,but, Paul scholes has been turning up at carrington at 8.45 am every morning for the last 2 weeks, apparently to get fit for the season ahead!

  7. SpurredoninDublin says:

    @ Jay

    As a Spurs fan, it was nice to see a well written and balanced blog, and especially your epilogue concerning loyalty. I am sure that there are plenty of clubs that could afford to pay him better than we do (he is currently on £75k per week reportedly), but somehow or other, he manages to make ends meet on this “paltry” sum.

    Joking aside, football has become so cynical, that there is an automatic assumption that every player will move as soon as the “super rich” come knocking. I don’t doubt we will lose him one day, but during the meantime, he deserves the admiration he gets for his behaviour both off and on the pitch.

  8. Daniel says:

    How have Man Utd missed out on Bale? For a starter Man Utd have yet to make an official bid for Bale…the only link we have had with bBale is through paper gossip…while Spurs boss AVB today, only revealed, that talks with Bale about a contract are on going since last year lol. NOTHING has been agreed or signed by the player. That makes the likes of Real Madrid and Man Utd or any interesting party to take advantage if a deal can not be agreed between Spurs FC and Bale!

    • SP says:

      A few clubs would like to buy a great player and allof a sudden it is ‘boo hoo United/Real (deleete as appropriate) have missed out on Bale’ or ‘monstrous Tottenham havea audacity to actually aspire to build a team to compete – how very dare they, they are holding Bale back, the monsters, it they had a shred of human decency they would pay United/Real to take him from them, and, maybe throw in a couple more of their better players, too’.

  9. moses says:

    I’m tired of such speculation now bale,alcantara, strootman,fab now where are we heading 2.throw or never.