Date: 24th July 2013 at 3:18am
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Someone is missing….

United’s attempted signing of Cesc Fabregas could be helped by the fact the midfielder is not travelling with the squad on its pre-season tour. 

The Spanish international has been omitted from the squad due to his involvement in the Confederations Cup.

Barcelona travel to Germany then Norway over the next few days without Fabregas with Sky Sports reporting that the former Arsenal man is considering a move to Old Trafford.

Arsenal who have first refusal on Fabregas have yet to register any interest in their former star and if Fabregas decides he needs regular football ahead of next Summer’s World Cup and Barcelona are willing to accept the Reds latest offer, then maybe a signing that seemed so unlikely only a week ago could actually come off.


33 responses to “[Picture] Cesc Doesn’t Travel On Barcelona’s Tour”

  1. Arsenaltilidie says:

    Who’s next wilshire,ox Walcott cause it looks like your interested in every decent arsenal player,we sold you van persie,you would’nt sell us nani or recently Rooney,the only good thing about all this is you could keep bidding for cesc all you like but we still have first refusal due to the clause inserted into his contract to pay 25 m to sign him back hence why barca are’nt interested in selling.secondly and the biggest reason is cesc would have seen the fans reaction to van persie treachery(before everyone starts talking about trophies Carlos tevez joined your arch enemies and won trophies,and left you red supporters and fergie bitter so shut it)cesc will never don a Man U shirt,and you guys are making yourself sound desperate in your pursuit of the player!you may be defending champions lets see what you win under motes now fergie’s gone and can no longer bully the officials up and down the touch remember your the second most successful English club of all time behind FIVE time European cup winners Liverpool

    • Dont Ask says:

      Get off your soap box pal. Don’t see you having a pop at Man City who have taken a lot more Arsenal players!
      Money makes the world go round and players want to earn lots and win things!!!
      Unfortunately, Arsenal currently do neither

    • Matt says:

      Hear this “loser” struggling to come to terms, that neither Arsenal or Liverpool are Epl title contenders. In fact in Arsenal’s case they are not even CL contenders and history confirms that they only make up numbers for the comp. This is the sole reason why both Arsenal’s and Liverpool’s best players are ditching the clubs and the pleas of desperate fans to stay. Lol. The Likes of RvP, Clichy, Cole, Fabregas, Song and Nasri all left Arsenal, not only for the trophy less seasons, but because of the lack of ambition showen by your manager and board. Take a good look at what Ashley Cole has won and achieved at Chelsea do you really think he would have won all those medals at recent Arsenal? Then we have Nasri & Clichy who also won the epl title in their first season at Man City. RvP also listened and did what the “little boy” in his heart said and won his first title at Man Utd. The likes of Fabregas & Song also won titles at Barcelona after abandoning Arsene and his gooner faithful. While Arsenal’s trophy parade bus has fallen apart after becoming “dusty, old and stationary” for years. You “loser gooners” also have to accept that the likes of Fabregas, Nasri, Song and Clichy are no longer Arsenal players and they are free to join whoever matches their footballing ambitions. Loserpoo over the years have also lost the likes of Fernando Torres (who won the CL with Chelsea, Xavi Alonso won the title with Real and Mascherano won the La liga amd CL with Barcelona! LMAO. And now Luiz Saurez has openly asked to leave title less ‘steven G and the kop’ to join a team who matches his footballing ambitions. Loserpool the club of the past. Finally, I bet you and fellow Gooners won’t be complaining if you sign Loserpoo’s best player Saurez? Even though I think he should go Real Madrid where he really would advance his career and have a much better chance winning a trophy than Arsenal. Swapping a Loserpoo for another Loserpoo makes no sense. Lool

    • odey paul igwe says:

      u just posted to show ur jealousy,enviousy,anger,hunger and irritation towards man utd deserved and endless success;and nothing more-say all u can when u’ve still got ur lips opened,cause u probably won’t have nothing to say when utd start doing what they know how to do best-and that’s shutting ur lips,by winning more trophies. hah!hah!hah!

  2. dunpy02 says:

    @arsenaltillidie mmmm…someone appears to have touched a nerve there. I happen to think Fabregas will stay at Barca leaving Utd to settle for Fellaini and Baines. Oh, well, only 24 days till the action starts. Hope you’ve calmed down by then 🙂

    • Matt says:

      Yeh mate everythings calm here. But, I think you should concentrate on your own team if its indeed Arsenal. You will most probarly be linked with most big stars with 24 days remaining, but would most probarly end up with another Frenchman. Talking about reported Arsenal targets: Sky Sports News is showing pics of one of Arsene’s summer targets [Gonzolo Higuain] arriving at a airport in Italy to sign for Napoli. Oh and not too long ago another Arsenal target Liverpool keeper [Raina], is joining Higuain at Napoli on loan. So that’s two gone and one remaining target Suarez left but you better hurry because Real now have room for Suarez after off loading Higuain !

  3. thegun says:

    ini pique xavi neymar valdes are all not going so it means dat they are going to other clubs. While man utd wastes time on fabregas rodgers is stregthening every department in liverpool with players like christian ericksen. Fabregas is not rooney, he does not cry and whine because he does not have his way, he is a model pro who is playing for the team of his dream. I can bet my left nut he wont go to manu.

  4. yahya says:

    Wethr man united gets fabregas or not…dy shudn b proud of it coz dy relyng on oda teams strengths to win trophies…van persie widout a doubt even a unitd fan wud agree has single handly won d title 4 dm…on whose xperience and football knowledge he has brawt dat 4 url..the gunners of course and they stil proud to anounce dy won a trophy…cmon…dnt b a typical united suprter I tawt ur unitd fans mindset wud hav changed …

    • Matt says:

      Its a pity then that the likes of Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy, Song, Adebayor and RvP could not combine together and win Arsenal the Epl title. Why because Man Utd were busy winning and retaining their Epl titles EVEN with out RvP. Man Utd also knocked Arsenal out of the 2008-09 CL semi final after humiliating [Cesc and co] 1-3, at the emirates, and 4-1 over two legs. United under Fergie were winners! LOl

  5. emmydon says:

    am a manU fan nd i want fab to come out publicly on time and refuse to come so that moyes or moses cud concentrate fully on a player he welly breed up in d likes of fella.i tink this guy can can really play wt all his heart and also bully guys around d midfield.this is a guy i knw we bin missing for a long nd he also wants to come to come to lets go for him and live the guy who doesnt love the club that is after him.Go For Bastard fellaini pls…i love dis guy for christ sake.fab myt come and fail but fella have all it takes,the presence,physical strong,gud ball control,specific height and eye on goal..what else do we need.drop fab tin men…

  6. Matt says:

    First thing is first Moyes should have pounced and signed Thiago, the day player became available but United dragged the whole thing and payed for it when Guardiola stepped in. However, United should have listened to Cesc earlier in the summer when he said “I am happy to stay and bide time at Barcelona” that is the time United should have went all out for his team mate Thigo. Now, I think we should let Cesc rot at Barcelona and go all out for either Germany’s young hotshot Jullian Draxier or Dortmand midfielder Gundogan.