Date:21st July 2013 at 9:53pm
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Not everyone is fond of ‘Wazza’

Some feuds seem to go on forever, Ali and Frazier, Blair and Brown, Suarez and half of football.

One feud that shows no signs of abating is the one between Wayne Rooney and Sir Alex Ferguson which actually seems to be growing despite the former United boss’s retirement.

Sir Alex famously claimed Rooney wanted to leave the club and that the striker was “David Moyes’ problem now” when quizzed about him towards the end of the season. Rooney in the meantime has been left in something of a quandary, denying that he handed in a request- a point that could well be true- while remaining tight lipped as to whether he actually wants to remain at the club.

The latest twist in the Rooney/Ferguson saga comes with reports that the striker is unhappy with the former United manager still having a role at the club as he sees it scuppering his chances of rebuilding his reputation and gaining a place in the team.

The Guardian notes:

Wayne Rooney’s belief that Sir Alex Ferguson remains among the key power brokers at Manchester United is a fundamental reason why the striker wants to leave the club.

While Ferguson may actually have no material influence on how David Moyes views Rooney’s value to his squad, it is understood that the forward’s perception is that the former manager will be among the loudest voices at United, despite retiring as manager last season.

News that Sir Alex’s influence is making Rooney more determined to leave will hardly come as a surprise to many Reds as there’s no denying the former boss looms large over the club no matter what capacity he’s filling, but some may feel it’s merely an excuse.

If Rooney really wanted to stay he could try and put whatever happened with Sir Alex behind him, there’s no doubt Ferguson would want to help make David Moyes’ life a lot easier if he could, the question is, will we ever see that happen?