Date: 21st July 2013 at 9:53pm
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Not everyone is fond of ‘Wazza’

Some feuds seem to go on forever, Ali and Frazier, Blair and Brown, Suarez and half of football.

One feud that shows no signs of abating is the one between Wayne Rooney and Sir Alex Ferguson which actually seems to be growing despite the former United boss’s retirement.

Sir Alex famously claimed Rooney wanted to leave the club and that the striker was “David Moyes’ problem now” when quizzed about him towards the end of the season. Rooney in the meantime has been left in something of a quandary, denying that he handed in a request- a point that could well be true- while remaining tight lipped as to whether he actually wants to remain at the club.

The latest twist in the Rooney/Ferguson saga comes with reports that the striker is unhappy with the former United manager still having a role at the club as he sees it scuppering his chances of rebuilding his reputation and gaining a place in the team.

The Guardian notes:

Wayne Rooney’s belief that Sir Alex Ferguson remains among the key power brokers at Manchester United is a fundamental reason why the striker wants to leave the club.

While Ferguson may actually have no material influence on how David Moyes views Rooney’s value to his squad, it is understood that the forward’s perception is that the former manager will be among the loudest voices at United, despite retiring as manager last season.

News that Sir Alex’s influence is making Rooney more determined to leave will hardly come as a surprise to many Reds as there’s no denying the former boss looms large over the club no matter what capacity he’s filling, but some may feel it’s merely an excuse.

If Rooney really wanted to stay he could try and put whatever happened with Sir Alex behind him, there’s no doubt Ferguson would want to help make David Moyes’ life a lot easier if he could, the question is, will we ever see that happen?


36 responses to “Rooney In Fresh Ferguson Drama”

  1. richyluv says:

    It is high time rooney cums out and say his mind.Fergie tried evrytin to make him d key,2010 was one of his best at d end he didnt acheive his aim(golden boot) bt he has set d goals rolling 4 pple lyk cr7,nisteroy,barbatov n Rvp inclusive.He shld be hapi making pple hapi n being a grt player in a grt team.Step up man!gt u to fergie cz he’s done alot 4 u,gt u to man utd cz fergie wl neva go.

  2. samuel wil says:

    rooney u are loved by united fans so don’t make them change the love to hatred and don’t b dissived by that fool that call himself the wise one,he has no good intension 4 u because he just want 2 liure u out of ur glory. Beside jose is a confussionist, they say one good turn diserves another so be wise and learn from the Heros past of united and think twice before u make a move that u will live to regrect.

  3. d says:

    without wayne no place for man u at top four

  4. paramount says:

    Wayne don’t allow anybody to confused you if u are loved by the fan and otherwise by the manager(s) u better come to where u can play and perform better cuz I believes dat u understand urself more than ur coach dose. I,we can’t wait to see u in the blue colour. Am convinced it will fit you much more than the red colour. See you @ the bridge side

  5. Onatola Victor Oliseh says:

    Rooney is going towards destruction, he has to learn from other reputable strikers that have played for chelsea, how they lost their fames, destinies and career.
    The Dog that will lost will not hear the flute of the hunter, if he insist, let him go, I bet it, he will later cry for help and nobody will help him….

  6. oladosu karmal says:

    samuel wil, God wil bless u 4 dat comment ,i luv it . Dat man is a real stupid special 1, He 2 distroy anoder club das wat he did @ real madrid. His a complete fool. Pls waza don’t mind him, we man u fans still luv u 2 d kol.

  7. Wakheel says:

    I don’t think Rooney should go blues o,cos,it wil tougher their&be a wrong place for,though,me, am not seeing him out anyway,i believe we must not lose two great living organism in a season,talking of Fagie&Rooney,is beter man u make sure they tie him down at united,or else it may bad o.we love you Rooney,up united.

  8. rasheed olawale says:

    waza should not go up man u

  9. Emmanuel christian isaac says:

    Wazza,bliev it or nt we stiil luv u dearly,4get about d stupid 1 he jst wn’t 2 ruin ur life,take it or live it dat wat he wnt.

  10. trevor says:

    Myself I would not believe a word Fergie says. Even Gill said that he believes that Rooney did not ask for a transfer. Also when Fergie said he was retiring Gill said that his successor would have to be a successful manager with lots of European experience. So you knew that the manager was not going to be English because Fergie does not do English. Look at all the people he employs in football and MUTV. Whern you look into Fergies mind Moyes was the only one he was going to employ, a man from his home city.
    But I believe Moyes is his own man and will not let Fergie influence him on the Rooney issue. I am glad Fergie has gone he wasa getting past his sell buy date and good riddance I say. This is my own opinion.