Date:5th August 2013 at 3:29am
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"We love you Wazza"

“We love you Wazza”

Wayne Rooney’s rumoured move to Chelsea seems to have got most of the Blues fans claiming they’d welcome him to Stamford Bridge with open arms. It’s not hard to blame them, after all it’s pretty much common knowledge down the Feathers that the Pensioners are one world class striker away from a Premier League title and the acquisition of Rooney could well be just what they need.

The latest- ridiculous- rumours suggest that Rooney will wait to see the crowd’s reaction towards him at Rio Ferdinand’s testimonial to decide whether he’ll stay at United. The idea of a football style “Britain’s Got Talent” audition to decide his future at a pre-season friendly is beyond a joke ┬ábut Rooney may cast his mind back to the reception he’s got from Chelsea fans in the past when thinking about where he wants to spend the next season.

"Come and join us"

“Come and join us”

It’s natural to expect opposing fans to have given Rooney stick, the question is will the ever-precious striker hold it against Chelsea and decide to stay where he’s on the way to becoming a legend.