Date: 20th October 2013 at 3:50am
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The longest saga in football rumbles on...

The longest in football rumbles on…

could face losing for a knockdown price next Summer after reports have emerged that the striker’s representatives haven’t met with those from the club about the prospect of a new deal. There’s also a worry that Ferguson’s will once again open wounds between Rooney and United by reiterating the striker’s alleged desire to leave last season- not to mention reliving the time he definitely did want to leave in 2010.

With Chelsea unlikely to have lost interest in the Summer as Rooney’s stock continues to rise this season, it would come as no great surprise if the man finally did leave Trafford after a decade. The Mail reports that Rooney’s exit could come at a cut-price as with only a year left on his contract he’ll be available for free the following Summer, something that almost certainly wont be allowed to happen.

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