Date: 19th November 2013 at 8:25am
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Did we miss a trick allowing to snatch midfielder?

It’s not very often you admire an opponents display at Trafford, usually you’re too busy criticising your own team’s failings to do applaud the opposition tearing us apart, but last season one player came close to causing a lot of admiration. Twice.

Moussa Dembele was the scourge of United on not one but two occasions, as firstly with Fulham, then secondly with he ripped through United’s midfield like Anderson rips through normal sized shirts. The latest news is that the Spurs midfielder is unhappy with being rotated by Andres Villas Boas and would be willing to make a move away from White Hart Lane in order to secure a place in Belgium’s squad.

Dembele noted:

“The coach has explained that he makes a tactical choice, he wants more defensive players in midfield.

“I can’t be satisfied with it, of course, I just want to play as many games.”

Moyes could do a lot worse than an energetic midfielder, who knows the inside out, has a pass completion rate in the high 90s and has already shown he’s not overawed by playing at Trafford. It’s a shame Ferguson didn’t move for Dembele when the midfielder was at Fulham, especially seeing as we did with them over Dimitar around the same time. The Belgian could be just what we need in our midfield, the question is will be willing to let him go despite his desire to move away, as he still features prominently for the North Londoners.

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