Date: 8th January 2014 at 3:40am
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Bad to worse for United..

As if a third straight defeat for United wasn’t bad enough, then there’s also the news that Nemanja Vidic won’t be signing a new contract at Old Trafford.

The captain’s agent Silvano Martina told Radio Crc in Napoli: “Vidic, given his contract situation, has several teams looking at him,”

“Vidic is a very good player and will have no trouble finding a new club. For the time being we are remaining calm. However, at the moment, I would rule out an extension with Manchester United.”

The last thing United need in the Summer is one of our most experience players who can still do a job for the Reds leaving, let’s hope the powers-that-be can convince Nemanja to stay.


19 responses to “[Picture] United Star Wants Away From Old Trafford”

  1. Emmanuel says:

    The best thing is to sack moyes,becaause as far as i am concerned moyes has caused more harm than good to united.

  2. Abdulrasheed says:

    Pls D.MOYES leave manutd alone u did not deserve to be

  3. Abraham says:

    It seems glazer family are very happy with the club situation by loosing games, if not, they would have sack this stupid,nonsence and inexperince manager called Moyes! Am just sick and tierd of current situation of this club Man U. From day one am not happy with the glazar family for given the manager to David Moyes. Sack this stupid and nonsence Moyes now and employ klop Dotmund manager….

  4. Terry says:

    Alex ferguson was a one off, he new the wheels would come off this season, and got out in time, utd have to rebuild ,if you chop and change the manager it will make things worse! Just accept utd are no longer the force they were, you can’t compete with the money teams so rebuild with youth and be patient, you have had a good run now it’s city’s turn! Get used to it!

  5. taj says:

    Moyes remove the cash and buy players who will remove manu from this crisis. So dt we can atleast qualify for champions league

  6. taj says:

    We need world class player who can change our way of game

  7. Mustaphamusa says:

    Pls united fans in old traford let moyes out we dosd like him in 9ja

  8. Anagafo Michael says:

    If Moyes is allowed to stay till the end of the season, United will fall to a level that will be difficult to recover from in the nearest future. The board can still salvage the situation by relieving Moyes of the managerial job.