Date: 9th January 2016 at 3:06am
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Boss hands the reigns over to his assistant

Boss hands the reigns over to his assistant

As United struggle to win over fans and with the complaints of lacklustre football ringing in the ears of everyone at the club, Louis Van Gaal has taken the step of giving his assistant more responsibility with the first team according to the latest reports. 

The Sun’s back page reads: Ryan Giggs has taken his chance to put a smile back on the face of Manchester United.

In a bid to pull them [United] out of a slump, Louis van Gaal’s No2 got more authority in training and on match days.

It’s no real surprise that Van Gaal has trusted Giggs with trying to reignite the squad as despite last week’s win over Swansea there’s still a lot of work to do to convince fans the right management team is in place. Even the suggestion that Giggs would succeed the Dutchman, once a popular idea among United supporters is now being doubted as the Welshman gets tarred with the brush of ineptitude associated with Van Gaal’s reign. If Giggs can help turn things around at United then it may just save both his and his boss’s future.


15 responses to “[Picture] Van Gaal Hands Over Reins To Giggs”

  1. John says:

    giggs has always been passionate for his club

  2. NwaChi says:

    This is nonsense, R. GIGSS despite finishing as a good player at United, he doesn’t have what it takes to manage United he should go and start with a team like Sunderland Or any small team before he can get to that level to manage United, if he takes over now that means they want to turn United to a team like newcastle.

  3. Charles Otieno says:

    If LVG can’t play his role as a manager at united then I could have advised him to step a side for Giggs ! Yes Giggs can do it better! we (fans) wants entertaining game but can’t get it because of the manager’s philosophy! Thank you

  4. eduardo says:

    Giggs is a 100%+ than this Ruth van girl, I think he shld quit completely for giggs this season

  5. Rajab says:

    I want this people to be given time Bt we should get a striker n a diffender.