Date: 8th September 2017 at 2:24am
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Can United go all the way this season

United fans can be forgiven for daring to utter the words “title challenge” this season, the team has experienced some positives changes this summer, and many see them as the most fitting competitors to win this season’s Premier League. Their last title was in 2013 under Sir Alex Ferguson. Since then, the team was led by David Moyes, Louis van Gaal, and now we see Jose Mourinho, who has moulded the team into the sort of side that is once again capable of challenging at the very top. 

This summer’s transfers, including Romelu Lukaku, Victor Lindelof, and Nemanja Matic, have surely increased the team’s morale and motivation towards proving that both the Premier League and a decent run in the Champions League are more than just a posibility. Mourinho spent as much as about £150m for the transfers, and while it gives them a power boost, it doesn’t guarantee immediate success. The Reds have made a good start, but as their manager has mentioned after their first three games – they ended with a similar result as in the first season, and they have to show much better results to manifest themselves as they need it.

Mourinho welcomed some players that could change team’s course for the best, however, they couldn’t get out without some sacrifices. Most will agree that the most relevant loss has been Wayne Rooney, who went on a free transfer to Everton. It is quite obvious that a team can’t have all the world class players, and here is where the relationship between Rooney and Lukaku couldn’t last.

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As the transfer deadline is over, Mourinho might still welcome Atletico Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann in the near future. It has been rumoured that David de Gea might make his move from Old Trafford to Real Madrid, but at this point is still too early to make any assumptions. There still remain uncertainties about such players as Phil Jones and Marcus Rashford, but we might soon see where this would go.

The return of Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been good news for United, however he couldn’t be in action before due to a knee surgery. He will re-sign for the team after Christmas, which will be another boost to them. With so many good players, a new conflict among the best might reappear. Ibrahimovic will have to now challenge Lukaku, Anthony Martial, and Rashford, for getting a forward place. However, it is not something new for the team, so they should easily get over similar issues.

We can’t say that United has been reborn, unlike some teams we could see after this summer, but it has been efficiently refreshed, and their performance in the next months will surely be very interesting and fascinating to follow.


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