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Tevez won't need to cup his ears to hear his name at Old Trafford

Tevez won't need to cup his ears to hear his name at Old Trafford

We all know the chant I’m talking about it goes: “Who’s that chap from Argentina who’s that money grabbing horse…” well something along those lines.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve sung it many times myself and am certainly not concerned with hurting Tevez’s feelings or trying to build any sort of bridge between us and our far less successful ‘noisy neighbours’ down the Mancunian Way.

I like many other United fans, cannot stand our former Number 32 and feel justifiably aggrieved at the way he left the club and his choice of destination.

My anger towards Tevez, stems from several reasons I’m sure every United fan can relate to, he chose to leave us for one of our main rivals, which was always destined to cause more than a little bit of ill-feeling towards him.

Then there were his announcements in the press, stating that he felt unwanted when the club signed Dimitar Berbatov. This one really riled me as it’s totally against the character i thought Tevez had. I always considered him a battler, the sort of man you’d want in the trenches with you, a player and character who would never give up and wasn’t afraid of anyone or anything.

Who can forget his argument with the Chelsea players in Moscow which eventually led to Didier Drogba’s sending off- the same instance in which that lovable cheeky chappy and former England Captain John Terry spat on him- allegedly of course. Every United fan was proud of Tevez that night for standing his ground and his subsequent opening of the penalty scoring only underlined how much ‘bottle’ he had not just that night, but every time he pulled on a red shirt.

I was always taught in my minimal experience of playing football that you fought for your place, you knuckled down,  proved your worth and got back in the team.

Did Teddy Sheringham leave when we signed Dwight Yorke? Did Ole Gunnar Solskjaer? Did Paul Scholes hand in a transfer request when Juan Sebastian Veron arrived at Old Trafford? No. They stayed and achieved the sort of success that other players can only dream of.

The following season after Moscow, Tevez played his part- mainly from the bench as United finally caught up to Liverpool in the number of titles won and that’s when the love affair between the fans and Tevez ended.

The imminent departure of Ronaldo should have given Tevez a reason to stay- to move out of the Portuguese winger’s shadow and prove that he could be our talisman. Instead that was left to Wayne Rooney last season and Berbatov this one as Tevez chose to leave.

The claim that he wouldn’t join Liverpool as he didn’t want to upset the fans were as laughable as they were untrue. Not joining Liverpool and joining City instead is like telling your black partner you’ve not voted for the National Front, but chose the BNP option.

The real reason Tevez didn’t join Liverpool was simple- they couldn’t afford him. This was a club that could barely afford the money to buy Glen Johnson- some claimed the only way they got him was due to Portsmouth still owing them for Peter Crouch. Tevez cost close to £50 million if reports are to be believed and only City could afford that amount.

Of course United did make Tevez an offer but City’s was more financially rewarding, forget the two league titles in two years, the two Champion’s League finals in as many years. Tevez wanted to test his mettle in the Europa linking up with such footballing colossus’s as Jo and Stephen Ireland.

Tevez left for more money its as simple as that and he left for one of our main rivals. To make it worse he left and actually raised his game a little -adding prolific scoring to his tenacious drive and determination. If Tevez was crap we wouldn’t be bothered where he went to, but he ain’t and we are.

Since he left I’ve heard the Tevez chant at Old Trafford- and away games, countless times, I’ve heard it in pubs before matches, on Chester Road, Warwick Road, sorry Sir Matt Busby Way, I’ve heard it in my local and even on holiday. I’ve sung it countless times myself. At the World Cup in South Africa I even got a load of Brazilians to join me in a chorus much to both theirs and my delight.

Now though, it’s all getting a little bit embarrassing, if I’m totally honest. It seems every time United play the Tevez chant is sung every other minute. Don’t get me wrong, as I’ve already already stated I dislike the money grabbing Judas as much as anyone but now it’s all getting a bit sad.

Yes, we should sing it at Old Trafford on derby day and yes we should sing it loudly and proudly but I’m hoping that after Saturday we don’t bother with it -at least not as frequently.

The reason for this is simple- we’re simply playing into City fans hands- constantly chanting about Tevez and doing exactly what they do with United. City seem to spend more time talking and singing about United than they do about their own club and I’d hate to see us go down the same route.

The whole “United Nights” cancellation was a case in point- yes it was only a bit of banter by David May and although I wasn’t attending I feel sorry for the many Reds I know who were. The fact is though, even a small trivial comment or picture like that is exactly all City need to try and show how United are as obsessed with them as they are with us.

I know many people will disagree and feel it was blown out of proportion but I for one found the whole thing a bit embarrassing as it played into the bitters hands. I’ve lost count at how many City fans have said to me “see you’re just as obsessed with City as you are your own club.”

United have always been better, more successful, more well supported, and more glamorous than City could even dream of. We’ve had the Busby Babes,  The Flowers of Manchester and the subsequent rising from the ashes, The Holy Trinity, The Doc era, Big Fat Ron and the FA Cup wins, then 20 years of dominance on both a domestic and European scale.

City have always been in our shadow- the last time they won the League we won the European cup only days later. They had the 5-1, we still went on to win the FA Cup that season, then do them 5-0 a few years later.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t presume to tell any United what they should and shouldn’t sing, as long as you’re making noise it’s obviously a good thing. It’s just personally I’m hoping that-after Saturday of course- there’s a little less shouting about our former player.

They’re the bitter ones not us and I for one hope it stays that way.

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6 responses to “Why I’m Hoping To Hear The Last of The Tevez Chant”

  1. wayne says:

    have to disagree nothing to do with being bitter,tevez is a disgusting human being and is everything thats wrong with football a whore of the highest order.apart from him being a judas he slagged of sir alex and just never shuts up about utd screwing him over.digusting little troll deserves everything he gets.

  2. ChrisW says:

    “I like many other United fans, cannot stand our former Number 32 and feel justifiably aggrieved at the way he left the club and his choice of destination”

    But hang on. He was only on loan to us. At the end of the loan we chose not to buy him, or at least decided we didn’t think he was worth the asking price. Do we really expect Tevez to refuse to go to City out of loyalty to a club that rejected him?

    Of course we are going to give him some stick, as an ex-United player playing for City in the derby. But you are right, we shouldn’t go on about it all year round, it makes us look small.

  3. Tom says:

    Agreed, its a bit embarrassing when a song about Tevez gets sung more than anything else at our games now.

    Get over it, move on, ignore the odious little troll. Just gives Citeh the attention and validation they’re so desperate for

  4. Great post, completely agree.

  5. Blue Tony says:

    Glad to hear you’ve lost your obsession with City : )