Date: 12th March 2011 at 10:09pm
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Fabio and Rooney celebrate

Wazza: "Calm down on this scoring lark soft lad- youre making me look bad"

From the Red Social Network,

United reserves comfortable win over Arsenal in this afternoon’s FA Cup quarter final had the Red Army buzzing again following the disappointing results against Chelsea and Liverpool.

Seeing as here at Redflagflyinghigh we’ve been quick to publish 50 things from the Angry Red Social Network ,we thought it’d be only right to do the same when Twitter, Facebook and various forums are awash with happy thoughts- well mostly anyway.   As per usual if you see anything you’ve posted commented or tweeted, it’s a coincidence. Honest.

50. Just to clarify we’ve selected three full backs in midfield? The one specialised midfielder we have on the pitch is Darren f*cking Gibson?! That’s an incredible team selection.

49. Remember when we played Italian side – Juventus was it? Forlan and Ole up front and hardly any first team regulars? And we played them off the pitch.

48. Has anyone seen a lad called Paul Pogba? Plays for the reserves, pretty decent, *hint.

47. Christ on a stick is this a joke? Thought this was a must-win game. Really can’t be doing with a replay at the Emirates.

46. what CAN be said, is there will be LOTS of energy from the twins running the wings….that will be good to see….

45. Doesn’t matter where you play them, just put the Da Silvas on the pitch.

44. Would love to see Rooney in  midfield don’t understand why Fergie didn’t try it today, may be a missed opportunity.

43. Best performance from Rooney in ages. Passion, commitment, touches, passing, a goal. Excellent, hope this continues.

42. O’Shea and Gibson wouldn’t score in a month of Sundays, think this is the weakest CM partnership since the days of Kleberson and Djemba-Djemba.

41. 7-1 -2 formation, it’s just that crazy it might just work.

40. The hardest man in all the town, back in his rightful position with a rapid youngster in front of him, reminds me of a truly memorable time.

39. I shat myself when he played Giggs and Fletch centre of the park against Chelsea. That worked. This won’t.

38. Rooney dropping deep, and pulling off some great passes, forget Carrick, Scholes and Gibson, this is the man for the central midfield role next to Super Darren.

37. I’ve tried to stop knee jerk reactions to the team sheet due to how many times SAF has made me look foolish  Usually manage it but failed today.

36. Gooooooooaaaaal from Fabio Da Silva! Grrrrrrr!!

35. Viva Da Silva! Running down the pitch don’t know which one’s which viva Da Silva!!

34. Fabio Da Silva has scored more goals in his last two games than Fernando Torres has in the last two months. Just a thought.

33. Fabio was originally the brother United were most interested in, but he’s had a ‘mare with injuries, hopefully that’s all behind him.

32. This shows that Bebe and Obertan could well be on their way, neither are even considered third and fourth choice wingers now. Da Silva twins have shown more in 45 mins than them two have all season.

31. Roy Rooney doing ok now!

30. Jack Wilshere just tweeted “why is my team so sh*t?”

29. Tony V!!!! This day has suddenly started looking up, take it all back what I said about him being on the wine before the game.

28. Oh, Antonio, you are beautiful and it’s wonderful to see you back on the Old Trafford pitch!!!

27. Edwin Van Der Sar should be forced to sign a new deal, come on Fergie “make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

26. You know what would be brilliant? If the Da Silva twins were in the first team for years and years and get a banner one day.

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