Date: 15th March 2011 at 1:40am
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Nani could be going to Serie A

Another day, another United player "leaving Old Trafford"

The latest report in The Guardian, from Michael Carrick’s biggest critic Daniel Taylor is that Nani may be on his way from Old Trafford in the Summer.

Taylor notes: “The 24-year-old [Nani]¬† is intrigued by the prospect of moving to Italy and has spoken at length with his family and his agent, Jorge Mendes, about whether a move to Serie A would be possible and if it is the right point of his career to try to make it happen.

“His thinking is not based on any serious discontent with his current employers, with Nani relatively settled in Manchester and enjoying his new status as one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s more important players, but he is coming to the end of his fourth season in England and has started to believe it might be time for a different challenge, if not this summer then almost certainly next.

“Nani’s belief is that he has done as well as anyone could have been expected to filling the void left by Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure and that a Premier League or European Cup winners’ medal at the end of this season would leave him with little more to achieve at United.”

For me the problem with stories that use word such as ‘belief’ ‘contemplating’ and ‘his thinking’ is not only could any of those aforementioned factors change at any time, but also no one except the player himself truly knows what they are ‘thinking, contemplating¬† or believes.’

It’s easy to dismiss such stories as tabloid- or broadsheet, well Berliner if were getting technical- sensationalist nonsense with no real base to them. However, when it comes to modern day foreign footballers – or even English ones for that matter, you can never be certain whether there is any fire behind the smoke.

The prospect of losing Nani who’s finally converted his potential into match winning brilliance, is almost to devastating to bear, as he’s been United’s most dangerous force this season. Should Nani decide his future lies elsewhere then as the rest of this site’s chant goes “Man United will never die” but replacing him wouldn’t be easy.

The Guardian- along with many other periodicals- has suggested that Ashley Young is being lined up for a move to Old Trafford, but the idea that he could replace Nani is quite frankly laughable.

I like Young and think he’s a decent player but I have my doubts as to whether he’s United class, as for the idea of him replacing Nani, I’m sorry but that’s like asking Joleon Lescott to replace Chris Smalling.

Stories of United players leaving are often wrong, after all Patrice Evra, Nemanja Vidic and Wayne Rooney were all heading for ‘greener pastures’ at one point this season, until they signed long-term deals.

The validity of Taylor’s story remains to be seen and from the few people I’ve spoken to who’ve had any sort of interactions with Nani, the indications are that he seems happy and settled in Manchester.

Admittedly that’s hardly a definitive rebuttal but as long as he keeps performing on the pitch and receiving the adulation of the fans, I have a sneaky feeling he may well stay where he’s loved and playing well, rather than risk his career on a chance abroad.

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6 responses to “Nani ‘Contemplating Move To Serie A’”

  1. Man United 1 (Manchester is RED) says:

    Taylor is just gutter trash, he is a pathetic waste of space making up stories. Nani does not want to leave Manchester United and this anti-United bastard knows it. I can smell the fear of this abu from here, this little abu piece of sh*t is terrified that Nani is going to continue to play his major role in United dominance for years to come so is trying to claim he wants out when he doesnt. I hear Torres/Tevez/Suarez all wants to leave their clubs, I can lie to Taylor, you piece of garbage.

  2. Man United 1 (Manchester is RED) says:

    I see that the biggest abu scum paper of them all, the scum (sun) also haves this made up garbage, pathetic abu crap. Nani isnt going anywhere and these abu scumbags know it.

  3. Man United 1 (Manchester is RED) says:

    I dont think these abu scumbags relise but no-one can afford our £100m megastar that is Nani and he loves Manchester United and doesnt want to leave, pathetic abu garbage. Nani doesnt want to leave the worlds biggest club, so grow up you scared little abu crap.

  4. Daisi says:

    Respect your contract agrement is agrement

  5. Daisi says:

    your contract is not yet over make good contribution tonight

  6. Crispin says:

    So he finally has a good season at United and he wants to leave?
    I don’t want to believe this but look at what happened with Ronaldo & Rooney after having an explosive season