Date: 25th March 2011 at 4:23am
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Nani celebrates

"Cos this is thriller! Thriller night!" - Sorry, couldn't resist -ed.

The Guardian reports how Nani has told a Spanish magazine that he’s not allowed to fully express himself at Manchester United.

While that may seem like a complaint, reading the interview in full, which was given to Spanish weekly sport magazine Don Balón it seems the Portuguese winger is simply stating how he has to be a little more disciplined at United in comparison to how he used to play as a youngster- hardly a revelation, nor a gripe.

Redflagflyinghigh’s translated the interview in full, not due to any Spanish knowledge, simply because we know how to use Google Translate and we thought we’d allow you to make your own minds up as to what Mr Da Cunha is thinking, rather than let the English press’s take on it, confuse you.

Here’s the interview in full, translated by us so you don’t have to bother copying and pasting it into translate yourself- aren’t we kind?

You’re  experiencing your most consistent season since joining Manchester United. How do you explain this metamorphosis?

“It’s true, especially what I have been doing so far this season, more goals, more assists, more games. The team regularly also helps. I’m happy but what will count is what you get now and the end of the season.

“Everything I’ve done so far may have a role to help us win the championship. I want to do my best and follow a good level. I feel good and so far I could help the team, which is said that I’m one of the most important players, but I still think I can improve in some aspects. I’d like to score more goals and create more opportunities.

What has changed in relation to recent years that it has been possible to achieve that level?

“Basically I’ve had more opportunities. And when I started to play more as a starter and with more playing time increased the chances of another influence on the team. My confidence grew and I consolidate my space.”

We’re now in March and  United continue to go in the League, Cup and the Champions League, as usual. How is it facing this cycle?

“There is much work ahead, but that is nothing new for us. We know that nothing is gained and the path is difficult. The team is on track, with good chances to win titles. We must maintain the same consistency, application and concentration to keep winning games. I aspire to win everything, we are well placed in the Premiership and we’re going to give my best in the Champions League and the FA Cup.”

What can we expect from you this season on an individual?

“The important thing is to continue paying for the team, with goals and assists. Last summer, during my first week of vacation I could not stop thinking about how Chelsea won the league . Thank God that I could distract me with the preparation for World Cup. This year no World Cup, summer is long, but I want to go on holiday with a big smile after winning at least one title.”

– What do you feel to have got the assist for the goal by Wayne Rooney against City, which is likely to be the goal of the year?

“I feel a great joy. That was a very important moment for us. Always good to have players like Rooney on your team at any time can decide a game.”

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