Date: 16th March 2011 at 11:26pm
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Wayne Rooney midfield general

Here till his 30's? By that time everyone should have forgiven him.

Wayne Rooney, insists he did not sign a new contract with United with a view to a Summer move and will be staying at Old Trafford for years to come.

The Telegraph reports, Rooney said:

“I’m enjoying my football here and, if I was going to leave in the summer, I wouldn’t have signed a new contract when I did. I’ve signed it and I intend to see it through to the end.”

Speaking of speculation he could be leaving United in the Summer, Rooney spoke of his annoyance:

“Yes, you get angry, on Sunday I didn’t even know it was in a newspaper until I was on the way home from training.

“I stopped off at the garage to get petrol and a few people asked me if I was leaving in the summer. I’ll be here until I’m in my thirties though, that’s for sure.”

Rooney has won over many of the fans who were angry with his treatment of the club regarding the whole contract saga. In recent weeks, Rooney has rediscovered both his goalscoring touch and his level of performance.

He seems to be reveling in his new deeper lying role and is certainly benefiting  from having Chicharito playing alongside him.

There are still United fans who can’t quite forgive Rooney for his reluctance to sign a new contract and for questioning the club’s ambition.

The vast majority of Reds, however would be glad to see Wazza seeing out the rest of his career at Old Trafford and will welcome his latest statement.

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6 responses to “Rooney: “I’ll Be At United Until I’m In My Thirties””

  1. dibils says:

    i have forgiven him but i dont feel the same way about him as before.

    what he did was something i taught he would never ever do

  2. Dylan says:

    agreed mate i forgive him but what he did was disgraceful and something i would expect from a scumbag scousers but not rooney(fair enough he is scouse)he is the last player i thought would ever say those things and for that i will never feel the same way about wayne rooney that said hes pledged his loyalty so we should move on and hopefully he will keep up the good work like he did agaisnt arsenal and marseille

  3. PP says:

    Im gonnna say the same, Rooney is not the same player for me as he was before all of this.

    My respect towards him simply is not there anymore, even if he has played some decent games now, I really dont care, and if he was to go away in the summer I would not be to upset.

  4. kaikeano16 says:

    we need wazza so badly rite now…….he is the main man for us guys…he make the defenders scare…he say that he wil leave but he sign a new contract and he is back at his best now…forget the past and enjoys watching this lad playing now..united for life……..:)

  5. ChrisW says:

    I don’t know why Rooney felt that he wanted to leave earlier in the season. We’ll probably never really know. Lots of bad things were happening in his life, his head was in the wrong place.

    But now it’s clear he’s committed to United I honestly don’t feel any different about him compared to a year ago. He’s potentialy one of United’s all time greats if he can recover his form and stays at the club into his thirties.

  6. moriton says:

    Wazza leave man utd?!,dat jus kant happen,u are all talking hw u ll nt miss him,bt afta 5 matches wit out him,no one ll tel u wat u are missing,a STAR.