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Manchester United adverts

Berbatov- obviously ecstatic at having to do a tv advert

The commercial side of Manchester United is one that often annoys the Red Army.

Watching MUTV interview yet another “first time visitor” to Old Trafford carrying two shopping bags full Fabio Da Silva tampons or other such tat can often grate.

It should be remembered however that for many fans around the world, the commercial side is an intergral part of their love for the club.

Not everyone’s fortunate enough to be able to walk down to OT so merchandise does have its part to play.

As well as United’s own commercial side, there’s also the various sponsorship deals which every player- bar Paul Scholes, who lives life as though he’s a footballer in 1951- makes part of their income.

Rather than turn our nose up to the stream of adverts that have been broadcast featuring our favourite United players, we at Redflaflyinghigh, decided to embrace them. Here’s a pick of our top six United ads.

6. United v Juventus. This makes it on to the list purely and simply for Roy Keane’s performance, which shows when he’s not single handedly beating Juve in the Champions League, he’s taking them to the cleaners in the acting stakes.

5. Turkish Airlines This makes the list for one simple reason. Paul Scholes Bafta worthy performance reading the newspaper. After literally two seconds of this ad you may as well turn it off. Rumours have it that Steven Spielberg’s considering casting him in his next film.

4. 1999 Pepsi ad. Any advert that features the 1999 treble winning side is obviously golden. The fact it also shows Peter Schmeichel attempting the comedy routine he’d perfect in his short stint on Match of the Day makes it legendary.

3. Ryan Giggs Reebok greatest ever ad. Before he was being voted the greatest player in United’s history Giggs was featuring in the greatest ever team courtesy of the marketing department at Reebok. Although the special effects may seem about as realistic as Gary Cook’s aspirations for Manchester City, at the time they were awesome. Well they were to me as a teenager at the time.

2. Wayne Rooney Nike Ad. Before he’d damaged his halo somewhat with silly statements and protracted contract negotiations Rooney had a lovable “just wanna play football la'” attitude mixed with a determination that endeared him to every United fan.

Not missing a trick Nike picked up on this and even managed to raise a few chuckles with a Peter Sellars-esque performance by Sir Alex. Oh and a Cantona cameo is always a bonus.

1. Eric Cantona. “Au revoir”

Watching all the world’s greatest players playing secind fiddle to Eric the King was one of the best tv moments of my childhood. Eric’s since gone out to enjoy a successful film career but no matter what he does on the screen nothing will eclipse the moment he turn up his collar and defeats Satan with an unstoppable shot. Hurrah.

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One response to “[Video] Top Six Manchester United Adverts”

  1. Jacob says:

    Nostalgia! The Reebok ad concept with Ryan Giggs need to be revisited again as it’s a fantastic idea.