Date: 16th March 2011 at 12:50pm
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Ravel Morrison scores the FA Youth cup quarter final winner

Scoring the winner for United in front of the Kop- does life get any better?

Unless you’ve been living on another planet for the past six months, you must have heard the name Ravel Morrison being touted as the next big thing to come out of Old Trafford.

Morrison’s been in the papers for being a bit of a bad boy almost as much as he has for his footballing talent. Almost.

The fact is the pacy skilful winger who’s just as adept playing behind the striker as he is out wide, is arguably the most exciting youth product since a certain Essex born gentleman- I kid you not.

He recently bagged a brace in the FA Youth Cup quarter finals against Liverpool, and if he can keep out of the magistrate courts, he should have a very bright future ahead of him.

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2 responses to “[Video] Ravel Morrison – Some Of His Best Bits”

  1. johm says:

    we keep saying oh we dont have replacement for giggs and scholes instead on spending 50 million on some player we should give morrison and paul pogba a chance if uve seen them play u would understand why im saying this. even neville has said that theses two particular players are better than any other players in the reserves from any other team

  2. Moosa says:

    JOhn i totally agree with you. i have been watching youth team football for the past few years and morrison and pogba are better than any reserve team and better than gibson, carrick, oberton bebe yet they still havent been given a chance. But i think the gaffer will slowly step them up. I was at the liverpool game at anfield and morrison, pogaba, tunniclyfe and the youth team manager paul mcginnis. i spent the hold of the 2nd half sat with morrion and let me tell you something the press have him out all wrong along with a majority of united fans. there was no cockyness from him and we talked about his previous offence and he said he had made a mistake when he was younger, he spoke well and treated me well and you can tell that he had no such attidue problem, he was relativly a shy boy… but with morrison i think the gaffer will take his time about putting him into the 1st team. But i think pogba is ready, physically he is stronger than much of the other youth team players and he is very strong at holding the ball so does not get knocked around. lets just hope the 2 lads along with tunniclyfe and petrucci make it into the 1st team….