Date: 25th March 2011 at 1:23pm
Written by:
Wes Brown

"Come and have a go if you dare"

The Daily Mail has reported that “The hardest man in all the town” could be set to leave Old Trafford  in the Summer.

The rather succinct post on the Mail’s website notes:

Wes Brown is considering leaving Manchester United. The 31-year-old fell out with manager Sir Alex Ferguson last summer and believes he has a better chance of getting a long-term deal at another club.

I haven’t shortened that in the interests of brevity, that’s literally the post in its entirety, no mention of sources, or quotes simply two and a bit lines letting us all know how a player who’s been at the club since his childhood, is now on his way out of the door- because the Mail say so.

Call me a cynic but I’bve heard these ‘falling out with Fergie’ rumours ever since the Summer and I’ve struggle to believe them. For starters in Wes Brown has fallen foul of Fergie why was he made captain for the Crawley Town game?

Why has he figured albeit on and off all season? Why did he quit international football to concentrate on a club career if he knew it was doomed?

I’m sorry but the whole article- if you can call it that- smacks of lazy journalism- let’s just think of a fairly plausible story and publish it.

Brown may well leave in the Summer- after all only six league appearances all season mean he’s hardly a regular, but I for one hope he decides to stay.

Wes – and I feel more comfortable calling him that as he seems like such a down to earth bloke- is United through and through. Fergie may look at the  defensive injury crisis of the past two seasons and realise that United cannot afford to start letting experienced defenders who can play either centre or full back leave.

He may not have had the best of seasons but he’s still a top class defender on his day and his popularity with the fans is well justified.

The saddest thing about the Mail’s article is the amount of so-called United ‘fans’ commenting on it slagging him off.

Check outn the artocle and the comments here.

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3 responses to “Wes Brown to Leave United? I’ll Believe it When I see it”

  1. JB1891 says:

    I like Brown and he was our most consistent player when we won the Champions League, but his age and injuries means he’s a back up player and no more. However because of his injuries he can’t always be relied upon which means the manager might think he needs a more reliable replacement.

  2. Every single season we hear this story about Wes Brown.

    I do not think he will go, I think he will be happy to remain at the club appearing in 20 games a season if that.

    I for one want him to stay – he has a mean tackle.

    If he was not so injury prone the boy would have been as good as Rio and an England regular for sure.

  3. Steve Crabtree says:

    I too want him to stay – but I’ve got a sad feeling that he will be on his way this time.

    Hard to believe we’ve had 13 or so years out of him. Great servant, and unlucky because of his serious injuries.