Date: 8th April 2011 at 1:14am
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Michael Ballack swearing

"We need some more girls in here!!!"

On the day that Wayne Rooney lost his appeal against a two-match ban for swearing at a TV camera against West Ham on Saturday, it has been decided that Germany captain and Bayer Leverkusen midfielder Michael Ballack was fined 8,000 euros ($11,320) on Friday for unsportsmanlike behaviour after he led anti-Cologne chants with fans, the German football federation (DFB) said.

Ballack was caught on tape standing in front of Leverkusen fans following their March 20 league game against Schalke 04, holding a megaphone and leading them in their chants directed against Bundesliga rivals Cologne.

The difference here is it wasn’t down a camera lens but it is arguable a worse offence as Ballack is swearing at Cologne fans, and is also leading the abusive chants.

Could you imagine what would be the FA’s action if this was a United player? Say, Gary Neville?

The FA should be doing all they can to protect the likes of Rooney and Ferdinand, two world-class players who are huge assets of the England national team but they continue to ostracise United players instead of celebrating their performances.

Unlike Rooney, Ballack has hardly made the an impact on the pitch this season after leaving Chelsea, missing much of the first half through injury. He has not played for Germany since March last year.

The German Football Federation’s disciplinary body on Friday fined Bayer Leverkusen’s Michael Ballack 8,000 euros for insults directed at his club’s local rivals Cologne.Former Chelsea star Ballack, 34, made the insult after last week’s 2-0 win over Schalke when fans delighted by the win beckoned him over and encouraged him to chant through a megaphone after the game.

He apologised the following day but the Federation took a dim view and called the midfielder to account.

Ballack’s enthusiasm got the better of him as he was making a rare start after an injury-plagued season which has seen him marginalised of late in the German national side.

He also missed last summer’s World Cup through injury.



3 responses to “Michael Ballack Fined For Swearing At Cologne Fans…But No Ban”

  1. Colie says:

    Lol…..Seriously give it up….What Rooney did was wrong, maybe if you actually put your efforts into making sure he doesn’t do it again, then you won’t be having to deal with his immaturity. Something Alex Ferguson should of done a long time ago, but has failed to do. Facts are he’s an absolute scumbag, and you are condoning his behaviour, which makes you just as bad as him.

  2. Blues says:

    Comparing Ballack with Rooney?? You want FA to protect Rooney because he is a vital player for England? You will be happy if he says the same F word to your family members and still support him?

  3. herg says:

    What rooney said to the camera was barely audible