Date: 5th April 2011 at 11:00pm
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Should Wazza pull the plug on his International career?

The FA is out for Manchester United and for Wayne Rooney.

This is the view of basically every United fan at this current moment of time. So in the midst of all the controversy surrounding Wayne Rooney at the moment with the “sweargate” scandal I bring the question to you: “Should Rooney retire from international duty?”

For most avid ABU theorists it seems that the FA is out for Manchester United. With Wayne Rooney receiving a probable two match ban for swearing in the heat of the moment after scoring a superb hat-trick at Upton Park maybe it is time he re-thinks his stance with the English Football Association.

Most sections of the media today have come out and said that a ban for what he has done is a bit too harsh. Of course as a Manchester United fan I can do nothing but agree with this. The two match ban will see him miss a home game to Fulham and a Wembley appearance against Manchester City

From the way I see it, the ball is and always will be in Wayne Rooney’s court. He is a superb striker, one of the finest of his generation and there is no other English talent in his position that comes close.

He is of course an integral part of the England squad just as Alan Shearer was back in 1998 when he threatened the FA to drop the charge against him. Alan Shearer had threatened to withdraw himself from the England squad for the World Cup if he was reprimanded for his alleged kicking of Neil Lennon in the head.

My thoughts are maybe Wayne Rooney should do the same. In this situation the charges against him were dropped and he did go to the World Cup in 1998.

There have been many examples of Rooney being unfairly treated by the FA. They seem to forget that he is England’s most prized possession. He is our big hope of actually winning something because to be honest I can’t really imagine Andy Carroll leading the England senior team to glory in any tournament (perhaps not even in the Under 21’s tournament this summer).

One of the other big injustices of recent times against Wayne Rooney apart from the “sweargate” scandal came back in the beginning of the 2006-07 season. Rooney was sent off in the opening game of the Amsterdam Tournament in a pre-season friendly against Porto. He was then effectively banned for four games since he was forced to miss United’s second game of the Amsterdam tournament and when he returned to Manchester United the FA decided to slap him with an additional three match domestic ban. Rooney came out a few months afterwards that it was this lack of match practise that contributed to his 10 game barren run in front of goal at the beginning of that season.

It seems there have been quite a few instances where Rooney has perhaps been made an example of. Personally I think he has been repeatedly picked on by the FA because his status as the biggest and maybe the most naturally talented English player of his generation. So here comes the sentence I never thought I’d be saying. Wayne Rooney should take a leaf out of Alan Shearer’s book and threaten to quit the English national side to punish the FA back. As much as I love the England national side, sing the national anthem with the players with pride and hope to see them win the World Cup at some point in my lifetime, Manchester United will always take precedence over them.

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6 responses to “Should Rooney Quit The England Team?”

  1. RedScot says:

    As a Scottish lad, I clearly cannot understand the commitment to the England team, that the United players hold.I thought Wayne expressed his feelings during the World Cup in South Africa, perfectly.”Great fans”.Thats the way to support your players.As for the diabolical way Rio has been treated, giving the pass the(parcel) arm band around to all and sundry.Its amazing and total disrespect and lacking in management skills.
    Not to mention, the best midfielder the Premiership has ever witnessed, being summoned bye a lacky of Cappelo two days before the worlds major football tournament.Not only reeks of incompetence, it sadly reflects on the whole of the FA, and the regard they hold for the biggest Club in the world.
    Get out of it Wayne.Leave them to more mediocrity.

  2. Millsy says:

    I agree with you except I don’t think he should just threaten to quit England I belive him and rio should walk away I belive all man united players should pull out of England duty until the fa treat us fairly and not use us to set an example

  3. bruce thomas says:

    All United players should refuse England duty.

    FA = Fucking Arseholes

  4. Ben says:

    I was thinking the exact same thing when i heard this saga start. People in this country need to realise his value to the England team else he will end up like another Gascoigne, although without the alcohol etc. He can hold the FA to ransom, so them, he holds more power in theory because he is the one talent who can drive the national team to glory, he need to teach them a lesson. This goes for all the fickle England fans who provoke Rooney day in day out whilst playing for United but when he dons an England top he is England’s best hope, cant have it both ways.

  5. richard says:

    No need to hold the FA to ransom, he should withdraw his services, period, end of story. I get the suits getting this wrong but Trevor Brooking, an ex player, should know better. First and foremost, the FA must be clear on how they plan to handle matters such as this, not make it up as they go. This is taking BS to another level. If there had been any precedence set and a clear penalty etched in stone, then throw the book at him. But this, well it’s cowardice on the part of the FA reacting to the hacks that ply their trade at the Dailies. ‘Wannabies’, don’t you just wish they would go away and play with their electronic games. They could never play or coach but use their poison pens to exact some form of draonian revenge.

  6. Anagafo Michael says:

    The FA has one mission; prevent United from winning the FA cup and premier league and beating Liverpool’s league record. That is why they are in a hury to ban Rooney. While Rooney should threaten to walk out on the national team, United should go to the court of sports arbitration.