Date: 7th May 2011 at 3:30am
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United champions

Is any glory this season dependant on Sunday's game?

I’ve always thought of myself as something of an optimist when it comes to the serious business of worshiping at the altar of The Theatre of Dreams.

Don’t get me wrong I can be critical of certain players when I feel it’s warranted, I can question Sir Alex’s decisions- then apologise for being so foolish and I can scream in anguish as I watch a below par performance cost the club a precious victory.

Before almost every game I’ll be confident of a United win, in fact that’s not wholly true- before EVERY game without fail I’ll be confident of a United win- believe me I’ve got the betting losses to prove it.

Before the Chelsea game at Stamford Bridge in the Champions League, I even wrote an article entitled ‘Ten Reasons Why United Will Win Beat Chelsea’ such was my confidence- thankfully I wasn’t left removing an omlette from my face.

Approaching the game on Sunday I’m as convinced as ever that The Reds will prevail and fully expect to be celebrating a 19th title by the time the final whistle at Ewood Park blows.

However, even I’m not averse to worrying, as I’m sure most Reds are, and despite the fact United are unbeaten at home since last April and have taken 49 out of a possible 51 points at Old Trafford this season, there is always the possibility that the unthinkable may happen.

If Chelsea were to repeat their achievements of last season and leave Old Trafford with all three points then it would mean the end of United’s campaign.

Call me a pessimist but I just cannot see any team throwing away a 15 point lead, losing to their rivals at home with two games to go but somehow managing to emerge as champions.

Although technically United could lose the game but still win the league, such a crushing defeat could well see the season totally implode.

We saw it with Arsenal a few months ago where defeat against Birmingham City in the League Cup final seemed to totally de-rail the Gooners season. Within weeks a possible quadruple had become a battle for third place in the league.

If Chelsea come to Old Trafford and beat us then I can’t envisage them dropping anymore points this season- it’ll be 1998 all over again.

Although United could still win the league on goal difference, you’d feel it would be something of an uphill struggle.

That would leave the Champions league final as united’s only hope of finishing the season with any silverware.

For United to have any chance in that encounter, belief and confidence must be paramount. If United had lost the league, not to mention losing the FA Cup semi final to their ‘bitter’ rivals at the last Wembley appearance, then it would be a massive shock if the Reds were able to put all that behind them and defeat the all powerful Barcelona.

I’m not saying it would be impossible, as everyone knows United are well know for being able to overcome the odds, it would just be asking a lot.

The point I’m meandering to at a Charlie Adam pace is should United lose on Sunday- even the optimist in me cannot see 2010/11 being a successful season.

Thankfully, I think we’ll win- mind you i always do.

Am I being too pessimistic or just pragmatic feel free to comment, insult and enlighten below.



9 responses to “Lose Against Chelsea And Be Damned To Finish Empty Handed”

  1. Justin Ali says:

    you know, insulting people not my cup of tea. but i will not be agreeing with you for what you said. you cannot be so rude about man utd. I’m a united fan, and i will always be. I believed in man utd to be in the CL Final, I believe united to be top of the league and that since the very begining of the campaign. Just tell me, how many united fans believed in that upon seeing our squad at the start?
    So if you are a united fan, you shouldn’t be questioning any further. The only thing you can do mate is to put on your united shirt, and support man utd on sunday’s clash against chelsea!!!that’s what i’ll do!!!!GO UNITED GO!!!!

  2. Ezra says:

    Am lost, are you optimistic or pessimistic?

  3. Kadibia says:

    Well,i think u ar very correct.united won’t let it go easy with chelsea but should they do, i dnt see them lifting the trophy.

  4. Baldicus says:

    I was having a conversation with my pal earlier in the week, where he expressed concern with the wholesale changes made in the squad for Wednesdays game. I said that these were prudent as I thought if we do not win Sundays game then we will win nothing this season.

    The ease with which we disposed of the opposition on Wednesday has given us momentum going into Sundays game.

    I also think that the performances of the squad in Wednesdays game, has acted as healthy reminder to those rested that there is someone who can step into their place if there performances are not up to scratch. With a Champions League final place up for grabs, I imagine no one is willing to let their performance levels drop in the games leading up to it for fear of losing their place.

    Whilst I am not predicting an easy double we will win Sundays game and league.

  5. jose says:

    even if united do loose to Chelsea which i don’t believe they will, they have by far the least taxing of final fixtures, and if united can not out-score Chelsea in the final two games they don’t deserve to win the league or be competing in the CL final. United are in the driving seat, Chelsea must win this game to prevent united pretty much wrapping up the title this weekend, the pressure is on them, they were beat by spurs last week only for a helpful linesman I do not fear them in the least. Come on united…..

  6. Ishan Rohatgi says:

    m an ardent United fan…luv dem 4 many reasons…live 4 dem for many reasons

    But i think we may lose it tmrw…bcoz i hv a feeling dat SAF wud b luking for a draw n nt a win…n dats where chelsh*t can hurt u…he did d same against arsenal playing Chica in front using rest all of dem including rooney to just cramp arsehol for space n deny dem d final pass…

    Hope v play 4 a win…n even if v dont den pray dat v still win title on Goal Difference…Amen.

    • lamar says:

      GOOD GOD. where did you learn to spell? im foreign too and i have the decency to write complete words so people can understand what im saying.

  7. BRAIN says:

    fergie said yesterday Man united never plays for Draw and he got every cross to the media and say we always go out to win he Said . i think we will win on 20morrow . and i think it will be some not big name could score the winging goal some like Evra or RAFAEL