Date: 24th May 2011 at 6:14pm
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United celebrate

United's 'unconvincing' team celebrate winning the title by nine points

Redflagflyinghigh is pleased to welcome a guest article from Rob B from The Faithful MUFC.

‘Without doubt the worst Man Utd team to win a title’…. ‘No doubting this is a poor Manchester United team’…. ‘On their day, Arsenal and Chelsea are miles ahead of United’

This season has been filled with statement after statement like the ones above. Over and over and over again. Even now, with the Premier League wrapped up in tin foil and stored safely in the Old Trafford freezer for yet another summer all you hear is the same: That this Manchester United team is not very good.
What utter balls!

Like every United fan on the planet I have had doubts this season about the credibility of our side. Away performances that would befit a team lower down the league have been the main cause of this. Even on the glorious day at Ewood Park just a week back, we had to concede a dodgy goal and scrap for a point to get over the line. But does this all mean that this United side isn’t very good? Tut! Of course not!

First and foremost, bad teams do not win this league. It is impossible to go thirty eight games, chuck in the Champions League and cup competitions, take into account injuries and international duties…and then go and top the division. IM-POSS-IBLE. The display from the media on this point has been without doubt the biggest display of ‘ABUism’ since Rio Ferdinand got a drug ban for not taking drugs and being a goof by forgetting to urinate in a bottle before going shopping for some bling.

It almost feels that if they could ‘will’ Arsene Wenger to maybe go out and buy a decent centre back, a midfielder over 5ft 4”, and someone who could hit a barn door better than their Danish charlatan..That they would! Just so they could say “AH SEE! Arsenal does deserve to win it more than United!”

Secondly, you should stand on a Dover cliff and look towards Calais…and Europe. United are now in their third Champions League final in four years. Something that has never been achieved by our magnificent club. The core of this squad has been in place since Moscow. Yet everyone wants YOU to believe that this team who have achieved this feat are rubbish.

Yes indeed. Rubbish teams get to Champions League finals repeatedly don’t they? (Don’t mention Monaco) It happens every season doesn’t it?

At Manchester United we never feel the need to justify ourselves. So in many ways this whole article is folly. However, in football no matter how thick your skin is, right of reply is always warranted when your ears are burning from the vitriol that is spouted against our club. ‘Hated. Adored. But Never Ignored’ has never been so poignant. The FA target us. The press condemn us. And yet were expected to sit back and say nothing.

For me, four league titles in five years says everything. Sir Alex has always created a siege mentality at our club to benefit our own devices. There’s little doubt that both the FA and the press play into the managers hands every year. Whether it is Fergie’s latest FA charge. Or our players ending up on the front pages rather than the back. All of this is used as ammunition to fire United’s gun. Mind games? The only mind games are the ones that our detractors allow Sir Alex to play on our own playing staff. Making them believe that ‘Anyone But United’ is alive and kicking.

The Champions League final is really the last chance for Joe Public to prove their points about our dismal football club. That we are not worthy of being on the same football pitch as the mighty Barca. They feel that if we get a smashing by the Catalan monster that it will prove all the statements correct. Well….they are wrong.

We may well lose to Barcelona. They are indeed a magnificent side. But I am totally cool about this. There is no pressure on us at all. We are EXPECTED to lose by the press. I have already seen Scousers sporting Barcelona colours in their frenzied excitement that they will watch MUFC get beaten in a European final a la Rome. We are the underdog…. And as Kevin Keegan would say: “I WOULD LOVE IT IF WE BEAT THEM” We have nothing to fear. We have nothing to lose.
Will we win the Champions League? Maybe not. Can we win the Champions League? Yes

For we are Manchester United. We are The Unconvincibles. Champions of England. And we are coming for all your trophies.

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2 responses to “Manchester United: The Unconvincibles…Or Are We?”

  1. jonathan says:

    Love it, and fully agree to every point. In regards to the CL Final, of course the main reason I’d be happy for a victory is the win itself; but there is more and more motivation simply to rub it into other clubs’ supporters – ironically not Barca supporters themselves.

    The more we dominate the EPL, the more supporters of other clubs (namely Liverpool and Arsenal) look to Barca as the older brother to stand up to the bully (us) they can’t handle on their own. A friend of mine whose a Liverpool supporter told me:”I can’t wait to watch United lose the final to Barca”. Really? Have you lost that much respect for your club that: a) you are looking to seeing United in the Final, and b) you are passionately supporting another club? Of course United supporters would want their main rivals to lose; but that’s a big distinction from actually looking forward to seeing a rival in a final and actively supporing another club. I strongly doubt many United fans were filling the bars and cheering on Milan a few years ago.

    Keep the ABU going IMO, surely it only helps us and justifies our pride along the way.

  2. Ken's Fringe says:

    Great article! Let the ABU cretins keep up their nonsense, all it does is create a seige mentality!

    Bring on barca and lets prove the doubters wrong again!