Date: 24th May 2011 at 2:32am
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Don't do it Ryan!! United's greatest ever player celebrates his greatest goal

So well done the right honourable gentleman for Birmingham Yardley Mr John Hemming, you’ve taken the moral high ground and exposed Ryan Giggs as the footballer at the centre of the ‘super injuction’ row.

Hemming told the house of commons:

“With about 75,000 people on twitter naming Ryan Giggs it’s obviously impractical to imprison them all.”

The house speaker quickly interupted stating: . “Let me just say to the honourable gentleman, I know he’s already done it, but occasions such as this are occasions for raising the issues of principle involved, not seeking to flout for whatever purpose.”

Rather than being seen as some form of moral crusade, Liberal Democrat¬† Hemming’s actions have been condemned by members of both Labour and the Conservative Party.

John Whittingdale, the Conservative chairman of the culture select committee said: “If MPs think the law is wrong then we should change the law rather than flout the law.”

Lady Kennedy, the Labour peer, said: “The reason most of the tabloid press want to write about footballers lives is to make a profit. Newspapers are in a parlous state at the moment … we need a more grown up debate than this.”

There’s another reason Hemming’s act hasn’t been met with the praise he may have envisioned.¬† In 2005 this story appeared in the Sun newspaper:

“A MARRIED MP who made his researcher pregnant has voted for himself in a newspaper phone poll to find the Love Rat of the Year.

“Father-of-two John Hemming, Liberal Democrat MP for Birmingham Yardley, admitted ringing up to give his own chances a boost.

“Mr Hemming, 45, said: ?I have voted for myself. At the end of the day You?ve got to laugh at something.?

“The MP described his 11 rivals for the Ratty Trophy awarded by the News Of The World?s Sunday magazine as ?various drab people from across the country.?

“In June he admitted to a six-year affair with Birmingham city councillor Emily Cox. She is due to give birth to their child next month.

“Whoever wins the title gets a trophy of a golden rat. Their wronged other half gets a weekend at a five-star hotel.”

Seems Mr Hemming is now famous-or should that be infamous- for two things, naming Giggs and voting for himself as ‘love rat of the year’ the people of Birmingham Yardley must be overwhelmed with pride.



4 responses to “MP Who Named Giggs Voted Himself ‘Love Rat of the Year’”

  1. Baldrick says:


  2. edgar193 says:

    Damn bastard just wants to fuck with a legend. Why do people give so much attention to celebrities lives!? shows their pathetic little lives are worthless and try to make it up by fucking with others. damn it i hope this doesnt break giggsy’s focus on saturday! no matter what happens or what is revealed, to me ryan giggs is a gentleman and a true legend in my eyes

  3. Anagafo Michael says:

    John Hemming must be a LIverpool fan. His only intention is to create distractions in the United team before the champions league final. He probably dreads United breaking Liverpool champions league record too soon as has been done with the league. His constituency must vote him out in the next election. He is suppose to be a soft sell magazine/newspaper reporter not a parliamentarian.

  4. Michelism says:

    It’s obvious John Hemming is an irresponsible Man and u still allow such a fool into d parliament.Click his name on wikipedia and wonder endlessly why such a blatant fool should occupy a seat in the parliament.His wife confessed he’s had about 26 relationship out of wedlock.
    He’s a EVIL GENIUS after all.No matter the extent of disability he’s caused us so far;we’ll be crowned the King of Europe in hours’.