Date: 7th May 2011 at 1:10am
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Nani celebrates

"Liberian girl, more precious than any pearl....."

Everyone’s favourite leading actress- Mr Da Cunha, has stoked the fires of Sunday’s must-win clash over Chelsea by claiming The Reds already have an advantage due to the two Champions League wins over the West Londoners.

The Manchester Evening News took time out from drooling over the latest shenanigans at Eastlands to report Nani stating:

“The results against them in the Champions League were very good. We showed we can play against them and win both legs. I think that gives us the psychological advantage going into this critical game,” said Nani.

“We were not at our best against Arsenal and we cannot be like that again in this one. We all realise we have to get back to our high tempo and confidence against Chelsea.

“We have to get back to our very best if we are going to do anything. Winning through to Wembley in the Champions League final has got us all back on a high and on track.

“The most important game now is Chelsea not Barcelona. Winning the Champions League would be another fantastic story for this club but we have to forget about it for the moment. It is always dangerous playing against Chelsea.

“They have some fantastic players. They are the team who every season are playing to win the league as well as us. They are always there challenging.

“We respect them but we have to be strong ourselves and just concentrate on what we do best and we can win it.

“It will be very difficult. But we are at home and we have had good experiences against them. We know if we want to win the game we have to play with confidence in this game.

“We just have to concentrate on our football and winning the game. If we do that then everything will be fine.

“If we win this one then it is a great advantage for us. It is nearly over then.

“We have a great chance. We are all together and that is vital.”

Whether Nani’s right or not obviously remains to be seen but with kick off less than 48 hours away, it’s good to see a player who’s never been short of confidence, to show he’s not averse to a bit of mind games. No doubt Sir Alex Ferguson would be proud.



One response to “Nani: ‘United Have The Edge Over Chelsea’”

  1. polycarp chimezie says:

    nani is right,it will be dificult game bt man u will win d match