Date:24th May 2011 at 11:22am
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Wes Brown

"Have a bit of that you Blue....."

“He’s big he’s Brown he’s Wesley Brown the hardest man in all the town with orange hair beware, come and have a go if you dare!”

How amy times have we heard that chant this season? On away days he can be heard for the entire half -time such is the level of popularity afforded Longsight’s finest.

Any player that comes through the youth ranks and spends 13 years winning a bag ful of titles and a brace of Champions Leagues, making over 350 appearances for United is going to be something of a legend.

It’s not just the trophies Brown’s helped United win or the amount of appearances he’s made. it’s the way he gets stuck in, fearless in a tackle and hard as nails, without descending into dirtiness.

Ever since Brown burst onto the scene in 1998/99 nad amazed everyone with his natural defensive talents, I like every other Red have been a big admirer.

Brown’s had many highlights during his Old Trafford career, least of all setting up Cristiano Ronaldo’s opener in the 2008 Champions league final a season where the defender played over 50 games.

Brown hasn’t managed to play 50 games since then, over three seasons.

He now sees himself behind Fabio, Rafael and John O’Shea in the right back pecking order and Nemanja Vidic, Rio Ferdinand, Jonny Evans and Chris Smalling in the centre back positions.

Brown’s been a loyal servant to the club and even retired from England to focus on his United career. The fact that Brown was a peripheralfigure at the celebrations on Sunday and wasn’t even elligible for a medal says it all really.

Brown’s a truly gifted defender and if it wasn’t for injuries that have plagued his career I think he would have rivalled the likes of John Terry and Rio Ferdinand as a starter at the centre of England’s defence- or almost certainly made the right back spot his own.

Although I’d be sad to see him leave and know that ifg another defensive injury crisis arises he could be very useful, I think he deserves better than playing in the reserves more often than the first team.

In the past I’ve always thought Brown would never leave United but have to concede that the lack of games he’s getting and his age- 31- mean that his exit looks increasingly likely.

If Brown does leave you’d be hard pressed to find any Red who wouldn’t wish him all the best.

Wesley Brown Redflagflyinghigh salutes you sir.



4 responses to “Time For Forgotten Man Wes Brown To Move On”

  1. The OT cat says:

    Wes Brown often displays a lack of awareness and concentration and those 2 things are the reasons he has not played many games of late.
    Having said that, at 31yo he could do a good job for a lesser PL team but his wage demands would no doubt have to be reasonable otherwise he will just have to sit it out at OT until retirement comes around and that would be a total waste.

  2. Steve Crabtree says:

    Spot on Justin.

    I think it is time for him to move on, for the sake of himself – he’ll get himself a place at a decent club (I could see him doing ok at Tottenham if he famied a trip away from the North) and deserves some luck in the final few years of his career.

  3. Anagafo Michael says:

    Wesley Brown should be rewarded for his loyalty to the club. He should be retained and given more playing time. Allowing Brown to leave would be injustice and I know Sir Ferguson hates injustice.

  4. Michelism says:

    I hate to see our on field ”deaf & dump”*no nonsense* player go but can’t see any reason to retain him as he’s obviously surplus to requirement as I write.I can’t see him rival the likes of Raphel,Fabio,and even O’shea on the right neither is he up to the task of grabbing a shirt in d middle with the stability of our two standby players in Evans and Smalling.
    I feel sorry for him but our ‘hands are tied’.He should get a nod from some middle-Class Teams in EPL.My hat’s off for his undoubtful loyalty.Thanks Wes for your understanding and love for the Club.

    Go United……..trash those Hollywood actors!