Date: 15th May 2011 at 6:18pm
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Hernandez Chelsea

Chicharito gives United a ridiculously early lead against Chelsea

There has been many important goals scored this season in the race for the Premier League title.

Some spectacular, some scruffy and a few tap ins. Here are the five that I think were most important in winning us the title.

Nani v Stoke
With United drawing 1-1 and struggling to find a goal at home against Stoke, my player of the season decided to show the others how it was done. Getting the ball on his left foot on the edge of the area and curling it into the corner, giving the keeper no chance, it was a goal Christiano Ronaldo would have been proud of.

Obafemi Martins v Arsenal

I know this is a strange one. A goal by a Birmingham City player in the Carling Cup final. I’m madder than Jens Lehmann juggling chainsaws on a unicycle you say. Well, up until the 88th minute of the final, Arsenal were looking like true challengers to the Premiership title. To be fair, they were looking like true challengers to everything.

With 2 minutes left in the game, the fun began. With a mix up that The Chuckle Brothers would be proud of, that was it. Carling Cup lost, their confidence shot and within a couple of weeks a sixth trophy-less year was well in sight.

Wayne Rooney V West Ham

After a disastrous first half where West Ham had won (and scored) two penalties, it looked like a replay of the Carling Cup fiasco. However, Wayne stepped up to the plate. His free kick really changed the game and started arguably the comeback of the season.

The only bad point was Rooney saying a few bad words into the camera that made baby Jesus cry, caused offence to the whole world and got him a three game ban. However, nobody ever mentions the offence caused every week by the sight of Steven Gerrard’s face on camera.

The three points in the end were probably worth the three game ban, as it gave us the momentum to win the title.

Dimitar Berbatov v Bolton

With United down to ten men, 87 minutes on the clock, Carrick at centre back and Chelsea and Arsenal fans smirking like Gareth Barry picking up his £110k a week wage packet, things were not looking good. Plan A of Rooney and Hernandez wasn’t working, so up steps Berbatov.

It may have been a tap-in, it may have come from a Jaaskelainen mistake and it may have only happened because Paul Robinson was away with the fairies while the rest of the Bolton back four held a good line. It was lucky and scruffy, but boy was it important.

Javier Hernandez v Chelsea

It wasn’t just because it was against Chelsea. It wasn’t just that It came quicker than Ashley Cole during phone sex with a hairdresser (just). It wasn’t just that it shook up David Luiz and probably affected the rest of his game (Well, until half time) It wasn’t just that it gave us the platform to beat the only club able to catch us in the title race. It was for all these reasons. When ‘The Little Pea’ slotted in the ball after 36 seconds, I knew it was our year.

There has been many more important goals. Rooney against City, Hernandez against Everton, Vidic against Villa, I could go on. However, these are the five that I think were most important.

I’m sure you all have your own ideas as to the most important goals. So, in the words of Delia, “Lets be ‘aving you!”



7 responses to “[Video] Five Goals That Won United The Title”

  1. RedScot says:

    All crackers that are shown, pure dead brilliant.
    I liked also the goal that Wayne Rooney scored against Manchester City in February.Not only was it a spectacular overhead kick and an important winner for several reasons, it kicked start his season in reality to eventually become United’s third most prolific goal scorer.It gave him immense confidence to get back on track and repay the United faithfull.

    • @stockportred says:

      Yeah, that was up there.

      I just thought that with the Nani goal, we were struggling to break them down, you could feel the nerves from the supporters, it was in-between important/tough games and I’ve got a bit of a bro-mance for Nani.

      • RedScot says:

        We all have a thing for Nani dear, just keep your vulgar thoughts to yourself.Anyhow Javier is my new sweetheart.So you can have that Nani…last seasons news! lol

  2. Sammo says:

    What about berba hat-trick against liverpool?it’s definetely among the goals that earned us the trophy!!

    • jonathan says:

      I’ll co-sign to that! A natural hat-trick against Liverpool HAS to be included. Moreover, 3 points is 3 points, regardless if it was in the 1st half of the season.

      That hat-trick is of more importance than Martins’ goal against the Gunners, of whom I’m sure would’ve found a way to flop in the League regardless if that goal was scored.

  3. Tonka Norris says:

    I loved the Nani one best of all. We know he can score them like that, the pure economy of movement, but when he does he just produces the evidence of his brilliance (that he’ll later go on to hide behind bad decisions, showboating and ham-acting) and we’ll go back to defending him again.

    More and more I think the difference between Nani and Ronaldo is the Ronnie was determined to be recognized as exceptional and Nani doesn’t think he ever will be.

  4. Tomi Olagunju says:

    u all forgot Rooney’s big man big moments goal against blackburn.. That is arguably the most important goal of the season, the goal that made us CHAMP19NS.. GGMU.