Date: 30th May 2011 at 7:45pm
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Okay so it might not be the Special One but it sure does look like him.


7 responses to “[Video] Jose Mourinho At Wembley In A United Scarf”

  1. Die Glazers fucking die says:

    that us not jose / The Retard one

  2. Mahecha says:

    José Mourinho es un desvergonzado. No pudiendo vencer al Barça, se convierte en hincha del adversario. Es triste ver la falta de carácter de un director técnico que ha tenido tantos triunfos.

  3. Ismaeel says:

    ^ dagar doray da pishta laka laka pooi pooi

    • against feminist sexism says:

      Btw, you probably know the classy reactions of your players after the match so just read the comments of the second link.

  4. Naman says:

    hhahaha, i like how the video has been taken … move around the whole stadium and very sly-ly linger on jose! hahaha