Date: 4th May 2011 at 9:30am
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Ronaldo and Mourinho

Would these two really make inflammatory gestures?

After losing last night’s Champions League to Barcelona in somewhat controversial circumstances and missing out on a place in the final Mourinho and Ronaldo showed their frustration with match officials to the press.

The wiggling of fingers has been interpreted by the Spanish media as a symbol of ‘theft’ and a feeling that they were robbed a place in the final.


4 responses to “[Video] Mourinho & Ronaldo Make ‘Robbed’ Gestures To Spanish Press”

  1. RedScot says:

    Think long and hard United?.If you cant understand Spanish find a translator.There is ‘immense’ anger in what these two gentlemen are saying, as their body language displays.
    I am not going back through the whole Mourhino debate, its just boring, if that was the Sprat to catch the
    If anybody needs to know what class is review the ‘El Clasico’ from 88 minutes on and watch what Pep Guardiola did!Thats class.

  2. silva says:

    barcelona is a good team but why must the officials be on their side? Is it because of messi? If the ref had been partial who knows who united would have met in the final.THE OFFICIALS ARE CHEATS!! THEY DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED!!

  3. leoma says:

    The twelfth man playing in a team is the most dangerous of all opponents becoz he is a shadowman with no face. Beware Sir Alex and team. You all will be playing against supermen with all d flying and diving.

  4. BW says:

    Is Jose really Ronaldo’s father?