Date: 25th May 2011 at 3:42pm
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One of the few England managers to get it right.

MIKE BASSETT: MANAGER starts 29 September 2005 on ITV1

Ricky Tomlinson returns as the luckless football manager who thinks tactics are mints and four four two is his lucky bonus ball. Also returning to the role of his long suffering wife Karine is Amanda Redman.
After steering the England football team to the latter stages of the World Cup, Mike Bassett has fallen on hard times. With more clubs to his name than Jack Nicklaus, Mike is nearing the end of a long and undistinguished football career.
On the home front, Mike and Karine get along as well as Dyer and Bowyer. Karine dreams of moving to Spain, or running her own hair and beauty salon with the money from Mikes many pay offs. But Bassett is given his big and possibly his last chance, an opportunity to resurrect the once mediocre Wirral County, the team that Mikes dad used to play for, now languishing at the bottom of the league. And who could possibly resist the glamour of Ellesmere Port…

Pictured: Mike Bassett (RICKY TOMLINSON)

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