Date: 27th May 2011 at 3:29pm
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Chicharito celebrates

The Little Pea will be smiling whether he starts tomorrow or not

Chicharito has taken yet another step towards becoming an even bigger fan’s favourite at Old Trafford by making all the right noises ahead of tomorrow’s game.

 The Telegraph reports how in a recent interview the prolific forward said:

“What obsesses me is sweating this shirt to death, and I will never stop running.

“I’m not obsessed with goals. The goals are the result of the work of the whole team. The forwards only have the good fortune to score them. In a team like ours, even Edwin (van der Sar) can claim the goals.
“Football is the least predictable sport in the universe. There may be a very open game or a very close one.”

Speaking about tomorrow’s clash Chicharito said:

“If I start or not depends on the manager, but I’ll be happy whether I have to play or not.”

“The key was that my family has come. I’m in the best club in the world. All people, all the staff will help you. Here they all treat you as if like one of their own. That environment leaves you able to concentrate one hundred percent on work, on games. I am delighted with my life in Manchester.”
“Everything that is happening to me is unbelievable.”

United fans would argue that everything Chicharito has done for the team so far has been pretty unbelievable.


4 responses to “Chicharito: “I’ll Be Happy Whether I Play Or Not””

  1. Republikofreplicas says:

    Our new Denis Law…….love him to bits……committed, well
    mannered & an example to these young kids……..Keep ya hands of Real Madrid …..he’s ours u thieving bastards…..go find your own talent…….